how to turn off VPN on iPhone

How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone?

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Most iPhone owners are using VPNs to protect their online identities. Turning on a VPN prevents apps you are using from tracking you over the web. It keeps your internet activity private from a mobile data provider. But, at certain times, using a VPN leads to some issues.

To overcome those VPN problems, it is important to disable your VPN. When it comes to how to turn off VPN on iPhone, you can do it from the VPN app. You may also opt for other ways to disable VPN. Here is what these methods are.

Why Do You Need to Turn Off iPhone VPN?

Sometimes, turning on VPN doesn’t allow certain web pages to work. It also affects internet connectivity by slowing down the speed. You may need to clear Safari reading list to fix the problem. In addition, reset network settings or disable VPN to make it work properly.

You may also need to disable it when connecting to the home network. Moving to another VPN provider is another possible reason to disable your VPN. If you’re dealing with these issues, go for turning off your iPhone’s VPN using any of the methods discussed below.

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Disable VPN on Your iPhone With Settings App

This is the simplest way of turning off the VPN on your iPhone for all apps you are using. First, access the Settings app and click General. Keep scrolling to find and click VPN & Device Management. Next, press VPN.

Turn off the Status button. After this, you will notice a ‘Disconnecting… message’. Now, the toggle moves to the left to turn off your VPN. If VPN is enabled again, ‘Connect on Demand’ is turned on. Turn it off by clicking ‘i’ and toggling off ‘Connect on Demand’.

Alternate Method to Use the Settings App

There is another way to disable your iPhone’s VPN via the Settings app. Simply access the Settings application on your iPhone and go to the settings of Personal Hotspot close to the top of Settings.

Under Personal Hotspot, you will see a slider – VPN. Click on this slider once to enable or disable the default VPN accordingly. Your VPN on your iPhone will turn off instantly after moving the slider.  

Turn Off iPhone VPN via VPN App

Another way to quickly and easily disable VPN on your iPhone is by using the VPN app. But note that this method doesn’t work for all VPNs. Opt for this method when you use a commercial VPN service.  

Usually, major VPNs such as NordVPN allow disabling them. To start turning off VPN, first launch the specific VPN app. Now, search for the Disconnect button and click on it. Once you do that, the VPN connection gets dropped from your iPhone.

Can’t Disable My iPhone’s VPN?

In case you aren’t able to turn off the VPN on your iPhone, try disabling the ‘Connect on Demand’ VPN setting. It will not allow VPN to connect automatically. You need to enable your VPN manually whenever required.

Before turning off this setting:

  1. Check that your connection has been activated it. If it doesn’t help, remove the VPN app.
  2. Unlock your device and find the VPN app icon.
  3. Keep holding your finger on this icon until it jiggles.
  4. Click ‘x’ and confirm your action. If required, input your device password.
  • VPN Keeps Connecting

There are a few reasons why your VPN keeps turning on. It might be due to running an outdated VPN app. The previous version may bring some bugs and other issues. To fix this issue, check your enabled features.

Manage Switch and Trusted Network security features. Also, try updating the VPN unlimited client. To start updating, Go to Updates in the App Stores. Find out if VPN Unlimited is pending. Tap Update and then confirm the Apple ID password.   

  • Reset Network Settings

When the above methods of how to turn off VPN on iPhone don’t disable VPN, reset network settings. When VPN keeps enabled again and again on your iPhone, changing your network settings helps. You may also try connecting to another free VPN to continue web surfing

It turns off cellular data connections and removes additionally configured settings. In your iOS settings, navigate to General. Pick Reset and then tap Reset Network Settings. It will also reset the WiFi network and cellular and VPN settings.


The Conclusion

Using a VPN on an iPhone is beneficial to keep internet activities secure and private. Having no VPN service can allow hackers to keep an eye on your online browsing. Telecommunications providers also have a complete log of your internet history. Hence, VPN is used.

But you may need to turn it off to save the data of a limited VPN plan or for other reasons. Remember that turning off or disabling VPN on any iPhone can affect the functioning of some websites and applications. So, turn off the VPN only when essentially required. 

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