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Staggering rates of identities for sale on the dark web, are you safe?

Criminals love identity theft

Identity theft is big business on the dark web.

Every day, millions of pieces of information are traded between criminals on the dark web.

In the first six months of 2019, more than 4.1 Billion data breaches were detected.

Information like cloned credit cards, social security numbers, and other types of personal information is readily available to buy on the dark web for a relatively low price.

You can buy any of the above-named details for anywhere between $20-$130, depending on the quality of the information.

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Stealing your identity is easy.

In today’s age, it is easier than ever for criminals to steal your personal information.

Cybercriminals use various ways of stealing your information which include:

Phishing attacks.

Malware attacks.

Skimming attacks.

These are only a few of the many methods cybercriminals might use to steal your identity.

Learn 7 scary reasons why you need to hide your identity on the dark web

What is a phishing attack?

A phishing attack consists of a cybercriminal creating a fake website that closely resembles a legit website that the victim is familiar with.

An example of such a website might be a fake online banking website where the victim is prompted to fill in their personal details.

The criminal then tricks the victim into visiting the fake website by sending a fraudulent email or text message.

When the victim then fills in their personal details, the cybercriminal will have access to these credentials and can proceed to use these for malicious purposes.

What is a malware attack?

There are many kinds of malware attacks like viruses, worms, trojans, etc.. Still, the main purpose of a malware attack is to install malicious software on a victim’s computer to steal information or cause damage.

What is a skimming attack?

Skimming is a form of credit card fraud.

During a skimming attack, cybercriminals copy/steal the credit card information of victims to use these for malicious purposes later.

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You might be at risk.

You might be at risk.

Many companies now offer dark web scans to individuals who think their information might be at risk.

A dark web scan includes companies scanning the dark web for personal information.

If the person’s information has indeed been leaked, they will be able to reduce the damage that might be caused to them.

What to do if your information has been leaked

Change your passwords

If your information has been leaked, you should consider changing your accounts’ passwords to strong alphanumeric phrases, which will be hard to compromise by cybercriminals.

Credit freeze

If you suspect your banking details have been compromised, you might consider asking your bank to apply a credit freeze to your accounts to prevent any financial loss.

In conclusion

It has never been easier for criminals to steal your information and sell it on the dark web for profit.

Thus it is more important than ever to make sure you do your best to keep your details safe. Always try to stay up to date on the best ways to secure yourself to keep you and your information safe!

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