Ways Tor is Proven to Protect You

20 Ways Tor is Proven to Protect You

A recent Tor Project study showed that Tor is a very effective measure for protecting privacy, as well as preventing censorship and tracking. It’s also proven that people who use Tor are less vulnerable to malware.

Tor is an open-source anonymizing service that makes it impossible for anyone to track your internet activity. Tor has been around for over a decade and is used by millions of people all over the world to protect their privacy.”

Tor has been used by political dissidents to protect their online communications from government surveillance and by activists seeking safe channels for online activity. A number of websites have even chosen to use Tor because they found it an effective way of operating without the undue surveillance of their government.

Ways Tor is Proven to Protect You

Protecting your privacy while online has never been more important. Here are five ways that Tor will decrease your risk from potential tracking, hacking, and surveillance:

1) Tor can prevent people from tracking any specific activity on your computer or cell phone because of how the software works. For example, browsing through websites or installing programs uses three layers of safety in order to keep no one from knowing what you’re doing. That means you can use Tor to surf the internet in privacy.

2) Tor can protect your computer from hacking attempts by using a virtual network that protects your computer’s routing and transaction data. By installing a special program on your computer, you are able to browse the internet while concealing your identity from anyone else who is looking at the same page.

3) Tor can hide all of the web pages that you visit by routing all of your queries through three different servers. This way, no one else can see what sites you’re navigating to, because there will be no web page addresses left behind along the way.

4) Tor can stop your ISP from trying to sell data about you by concealing all of your browsing activity and data. You can even use a Tor browser when you’re connected to wi-fi or cellular data, so no one can see what sites you’re visiting.

5) Tor is 100% legal in the United States because it offers a free service that also protects your privacy. Some people use Tor as a way to share information about their social life and interests anonymously, but others use it to prevent their ISP from knowing which websites they are browsing. The U.S. government considers this type of usage perfectly legal because it doesn’t violate any laws.

6) Tor can’t be easily shut down, even by a police department. Every server that connects to the internet backbone has to be run on a computer that is also connected to the internet, so it’s impossible for an ISP or government agency to shut down Tor without affecting all users on the same network. Tor also encrypts each user’s personal data before sending it between computers, so no one can decrypt the data for use in an investigation.

7) Tor is fully open-source and available at no cost to anyone who wants to try it out. Anyone with an internet connection can download Tor software and try the program for themselves within minutes of opening an email or clicking a webpage from their browser.

8) Tor can protect your online identity from potential tracking from any kind of website, even if the website’s “help” section recommends that you turn on cookies for better browsing. Cookies are frequently used for targeted ads based on previous searches and location data, and therefore aren’t safe to leave turned on at all times.

9) Tor is completely invisible to anyone who is monitoring your network traffic or computer activity. This means that no one can see any traces of Tor activity in your browser when you’re using the program, even if they’re looking for it directly. The only people who will know about your use of Tor are you and the people with whom you are communicating using the program.

10) There is no “Tor network” with millions of different computers all connected to the internet backbone at the same time. This means that no one can determine how many people are using Tor at any given moment, making it nearly impossible to shut down and block completely.

11) Tor is already used in many government and military programs for its anonymity properties, and there’s no reason that it won’t be used by private companies in the future as well. The U.S. military employs Tor to keep soldiers safe in the field by creating an encrypted network that routes all traffic through a military computer’s IP address.

12) Tor can hide your location from other users on the same network, and it can also hide your IP address from websites that you visit. Your IP address is how websites recognize you as a unique user, and changing that information is necessary for limiting targeted ads and staying anonymous online.

13) Tor works on most operating systems and browsers, so no matter what type of computer or device you have, you’ll be able to use it. Both Android phones and iPhones work with the software, as do Windows computers as well as Linux machines. You can even use Tor software on your smart tv using the popular media player Kodi.

14) You don’t need to install a special program to use Tor, since the software is completely plug-and-play. There are no “Tor links” or downloads to worry about, either; you simply install the software directly into your browser through any web browser and you’re good to go. All of the software’s functionality is automatically activated when you first open an HTML page or connect with a new email client.

15) You can always remove Tor from your computer if you don’t like it or need something else instead. Tor is a completely free service, so you don’t need to pay for it or anything else. After you’ve tried the software and become familiar with its functions, then you can switch to another program if you want.

16) Tor will also allow you to browse the web faster and be more efficient when browsing the internet in general because it’s anonymous, encrypted, and private. Most other programs on your computer can slow down your internet connection by using up a lot of bandwidth while having the same features as Tor.

17) Tor is very secure for nearly every version of Windows ever made, making it a good choice for anyone who works with a computer professionally. The software is also fully compatible with the latest Macs with the OSX operating system, which means that anyone who wants to try Tor can do so without running into any software problems.

18) Tor works well for people who want to access geo-blocked video content from other countries because it routes all of your data through servers that are located within those foreign countries. All of your IP addresses will be hidden during this process, and no one who is monitoring your connection can tell where you’re connecting from.

19) Tor has been popular in China for nearly a decade now because it offers a way to circumvent the country’s censorship laws. Many Chinese citizens rely on Tor and other similar programs to access Facebook, Twitter, and other major sites that are blocked on the regular internet network.

20) The United States military uses Tor to share information with its soldiers when they’re in the field. An encrypted version of the software is used by troops deployed overseas to keep their plan of operations secure from foreign parties that might try to intercept it.

Tor is a safe, legal way to protect your privacy and online anonymity. The software does an excellent job of protecting your security, so you never have to worry about your personal information being exposed.

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