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Breaking Bad Forum – The forum of professional participants of the drug market! 

Not so long ago a new forum appeared for underground chemists and other professional participants of the darknet drug market. So, meet – Breaking Bad, a site that got its name in honor of the eponymous series and, as will be clear in the future, the choice of name, in this case, was not made by chance.

How to get here?

You can find this forum on the darknet at: 


There are also a few clearnet mirrors:

What is it?

Breaking Bad is a classic forum, but with quite specific topics. It is dedicated to psychoactive substances and everything related to their circulation on the darknet. Here you can find information about synthesis, pharmacology, harm reduction, and qualified medical support.

Professional darknet marketers will also benefit from the business support sections. 

As soon as we get to the site, we are greeted by the main page. The site is made in a minimalist, strict design. At the top, you can see a few basic sections of the site, as well as login, registration, and search fields.

The main sections of the site are forums,

  • Pinkman’s House, 
  • What’s New, Tickets,
  • Listings,
  • Сhemical library,
  • and Members.

But, the main thing here, of course, is the forums section. Navigation is simple and intuitive for any Internet user. 

Registration is absolutely free. All you have to do is to enter your login and password and solve the captcha. E-mail is not required to register at BB.

After registration, a user account becomes available, which can be edited: set an avatar, add a description, as well as leave contacts for communication (telegram or jabber).

You can also set up two-factor authentication and add a PGP signature for extra security.

In addition, all the details of your account are displayed in the personal cabinet: notifications, private messages, responses in forum threads, reactions, etc.

For additional security, the forum has implemented encryption of personal messages with a key. To encrypt messages, the user must leave a checkmark on “Сonversation by key” when creating a conversation.

The created key will be stored in the database for a week or until each participant of the encrypted conversation acknowledges receipt of the key. If the key is lost, the user will also lose access to the conversation and all of its contents. 

Every time the user attempts to enter the encrypted conversation, the system will ask for the key to decrypt it. If the key has not been saved, it cannot be recovered, so it is best to keep keys to important conversations in a safe place.

Also, the forum has auto-delete messages after 30 days. And therefore, if there is information in your personal correspondence that you need all the time, it is best to save it locally.

How is it organized?

As it was said before, this is a classic forum, with an inherent structure of forums. There are several sections on the site with plenty of threads inside: 

  • General (forum information, Q&A).
  • RC section is not available by default.  The most active members of the forum can get an invitation to this section directly from the administration.
  • Synthesis technologies – include subsections on each class of substances: phenethylamines, methcathinone, tryptamines, cannabinoids, opioids, and others. There is also a subsection on laboratory set-up and percussion and a subsection on analytical chemistry and a separate branch on safety issues.
  • Narco-Medical Support – a section about harm reduction. You can also find subsections devoted to each class of psychoactive substances and get a qualified help from specialists.
  • Pharmacology is a section devoted to the effects of various substances on the human body. It also includes subsections on each class of drugs. The subsection on chemsex is also worth mentioning.
  • Business support section – here you can find everything, connected with doing business on the darknet. There are the following subsections: Internet technologies, cryptocurrencies, data encryption, legal section, services, logistics, reviews of darknet-marketplace, and sales methods. In addition, there is a separate subsection devoted to arrests of drug laboratories and stories of their failures.

In addition to the aforementioned branches, the site also has a chemical library, with a list of specialized literature, which will be interesting and useful to every underground chemist or enthusiast.

The What’s New section displays the most recently created threads on the forum, the latest posts, and the most recently posted listing ads. 

Also worth noting is the section with ads listings of goods and precursors from all over the world, as well as a special section of the site called Pinkman House – actually representing itself as an off-topic section.

Any user who is a verified professional seller on other darknet markets can post ads on the forum. All listings are moderated and sellers with questionable reputations are not added. Sellers are required to make a $300 deposit to post an ad and to make 3 to 5 free deliveries of their products to forum users with a reputation. Also, any vendors with the BB Quality Brand mark are eligible for listing, such products will be promoted first and are posted for free. About BB Quality below.

BB Quality Mark

Staying within a simple forum for such an ambitious project would not be enough. Therefore, the site takes it a step further and offers something more, in order to improve product quality in the synthetic drug market and reduce harm to the health of users of psychoactive substances. BB offers dealers their own quality mark, guaranteeing that the product with this mark is made to high-quality standards and under the supervision of the project’s expert chemists. This mark is a guarantee that the dealer is selling a particular, high-quality substance. Also, manufacturers with the BB mark of quality are eligible for a free listing in forum ads.

In order to obtain the BB quality mark, manufacturers have to fulfill a number of conditions of the project administration.

It is necessary to inform the forum experts via personal messages about what substances the manufacturer makes, to provide the synthesis procedure and data about the precursors used and their quality control, as well as samples of finished products.

At the final stage, the manufacturer should confirm his knowledge and skills necessary for the synthesis of a particular substance during a conversation with an expert.

At the same time, the Breaking Bad forum offers a mark of quality for brands already on the market. For this purpose, existing darknet marketplaces are invited.

They must also fulfill a number of conditions: publicly declare their support for BB activities, create accounts of their representatives on the site, provide other sellers with information about BB Quality, and sell only high-quality substances.

Thus, BB users who want to buy goods with the quality mark will be redirected to the sites of DNM partners participating in the program, and dealers without their own manaism will be advised to open them only on the sites of partners.

BB is also ready to provide business development assistance to beginning producers. Specialists of the project are ready to accompany those wishing to become manufacturers of quality products at every stage, from a selection of premises to quality control of the final product and sales assistance.

What’s the result?

Finally, on the darknet appeared a place where black-market participants can discuss technologies that can improve the quality of their products and services. The forum provides comprehensive information about everything that concerns the modern market of psychoactive substances and everything related to it. A large number of listings and the BB Quality program bring the forum to a whole new level and make it potentially one of the most useful platforms on the darknet for starting and developing businesses.

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