why we shouldn't go on the dark web

Why we shouldn’t go on the dark web

We’re all pretty scared of the dark web. But is it a world of its own or just misunderstood? Read on to find out the real answer.

Since it emerged from the primordial Internet ooze, most people have thought of the dark web as a dangerous and despicable network populated by scammers and thieves. Although there is some truth to this stereotype, it is not necessarily the whole truth.

While it is true that the dark web does provide a home to a number of nefarious services, such as illegal drugs and weapons trafficking, it also has a number of unique features that make it an interesting and misunderstood topic.

Comparing the dark web with the ‘surface’ Internet, we see that while both entities are separated from the ordinary ‘flesh’ of humanity – they are also not as far apart as one might believe.

We will look at both the dark web and the surface Internet to see whether or not they really are so different from each other. We will also explore how the two properties of secrecy and anonymity are different from one another.

The Dark Web: What is it?

In a nutshell, the dark web is a section of the Internet that cannot be accessed through standard internet browsers. It only exists on a special server on the ‘flesh’ world, but only when HTTPS transport encryption is used.

The dark web is actually a collection of sites that use encryption software called HTTPS. These services can be accessed only through a browser running on browsers that support HTTPS and are connected to the dark web.

What is HTTPS?

This is an encryption technique used to secure data transfer between two devices, such as when you enter a website or when you access your bank account.

When you visit a site or access a bank account with HTTPS, the process is fully encrypted and the communication is not viewable to anyone else. In other words, HTTPS data cannot be read by anyone but the intended receiver.

How does it work?

A browser running on any operating system must support this encryption in order to use the dark web. Some of these browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Opera; however, others are available such as Brave and Tor Browser. One of the more well-known dark web browsers is called Tor Browser.

The dark web is a collection of sites and services that use HTTPS. These websites can only be accessed with a browser that supports HTTPS and is connected to the dark web.

What is the goal of using the dark web?

The main goal of using the dark web is privacy. As has been said before, this section of the Internet isn’t accessible through standard browsers like Internet Explorer or Chrome, so therefore anyone can’t snoop on what information you are passing over.

So, what information are you sending over the dark web? The answer is anything that you want to communicate on the Internet.

The dark web can also be used for anonymity and security. Users can use it to protect their identity by keeping their names private and their email addresses masked.

Messages sent through this network cannot be traced back to their originator and therefore cannot be read by anyone other than intended recipients.

However, there is a small downside to using the dark web: speed. Browsers that access this network must use special software to connect to it which can slow down some websites.

That being said, the speed of communication and privacy that users can enjoy using this network is often more than worth it.

What’s so scary about the dark web?

Users of the dark web use TOR or an anonymous browser in order to access sites on this network. These users can keep their identity and their real data safe.

The dark web is also the home of numerous illegal sites such as those used to sell illegal weapons and drugs. This makes it prime real estate for people who wish to commit crimes online.

Since it is easier for criminals to solicit business from the dark web, it has seen an increase in crimes such as identity theft and fraud. It is also used as a base of communication between those engaged in criminal activity.

Why should we be worried about the dark web?

While it is true that there are a number of threats to your data on the dark web such as identity theft, and threatening communications from criminals, but overall it is too small a place to worry about.

There are only a few thousand active users of the dark web each day which makes its role in society even less significant.

As most of us know, anonymity can be used for both good and bad purposes. And although people view the dark web in a negative light, most of them are adults who know what they are doing.

The dark web is not comparable to the real world and, therefore it cannot be expected to act in the same way.

With that being said, it is important to remember that just because something is difficult or impossible does not mean that it is dangerous or difficult to do. In this case, the dark web is neither of those things.

On June 6, 2015, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) seized the Silk Road marketplace, which was a black market bazaar that served as an online drug marketplace.

The DEA seized the website in relation to its owner Ross Ulbricht’s alleged use of an alias with his account on the forum and evidence of illegal activity.

On November 5, 2015, the DOJ indictment of Ross Ulbricht was unsealed; this provided more details about the investigation, as well as Ulbricht’s alleged role in operating the Silk Road website.

It also stated that he was not charged with being aware of any illegal activity or its organization. Read more about Ross Ulbricht here

So this is why the dark web is dangerous.

The dark web and the Silk Road have shown us the consequences of being too trusting. Take a look at this picture and you will see what can happen when you are not careful with your personal data.

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