what is the deep web and dark web

What is the Deep Web and Dark Web?

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✧ What is the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is a vast part of the internet that cannot be searched for with a regular search engine because it is not indexed by any search engines or aggregators like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Qwant, etc!

This means there is no way for us to find specific websites in this area unless they themselves have some sort of website included in them designed specifically for accessing only this area on the web called a “hidden service”.

However, it is possible to find some information on the deep web sometimes if you are looking for it.

The deep web contains many private forums, chat rooms, email lists, drug marketplaces, and sites such as The Silk Road (known as the “eBay of Drugs”) where illegal drugs are sold.

These markets are available to anyone who uses the Tor browser and is in an area that is accessible through Tor.

✧ What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is much like the deep web; however, the dark web cannot be searched with an ordinary search engine because it has been purposely designed to be kept secret and hidden from regular browsers like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome because of its illegal nature and content.

However, other search engines can be used to search for this area of the web such as TOR Browser Bundle or DuckDuckGo.

The Dark Web is often used by cybercriminals to do their business such as selling stolen credit card information, spam, malware, and even sometimes organizing real-life crimes like murder for hire.

It allows hackers to access and use black-market websites for hacking purposes.

If you are interested in knowing more about the dark web, you should read about Silk Road, as this is a very famous market for selling things such as electronic currency, illegal drugs, weapons, stolen credit card information, and even hitmen on this website.

what is deep web

✧ How To Access The Deep Web?

There are many ways to access websites on the deep web. The most common is using Tor Browser bundles where you download the TOR browser along with additional software that was specifically designed for accessing websites on the deep web only. Read how to access the Deep web step by step here.

✧ How to Access the Dark Web?

To access the dark web, it is generally suggested that users download Tor Browser Bundle, as this software allows users to access websites on the deep web and the dark web (both are the same in terms of accessing them).

If you do not want to download Tor Browser Bundle and want to access these websites using a different browser, then use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

You cannot search for hidden services or darknet using browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

✧ What are the dangers of both Deep and Dark Web?

The deep web contains many hidden forums and chat rooms where people discuss illegal activities such as trading child pornography, drugs, murder for hire, etc.

The dark web contains even more dangerous things such as hardcore drugs and weapons like firearms, personal information, credit card information, hitmen that have been hired to kill you, stolen money directly from your bank account but the bank never notices it was stolen until it is too late because it is replaced with counterfeit money and lastly malware such as ransomware.

The most dangerous thing about the deep/dark web is that you are at risk of being arrested immediately if you are caught browsing in this area.

Law enforcement generally does not need a warrant to arrest or convict someone for doing illegal things on the internet while using TOR because it is designed to protect users’ privacy.

✧ What are the websites that can be found on the dark web?

The most popular kind of website generally on the Dark Web is the drug marketplaces where you can buy illegal drugs from people who want to sell them in this area.

You can also find many forums and chat rooms for trading personal information other than just drugs or asking for ransom money to be paid in exchange for someone not publicizing something they have found about someone’s life that they shouldn’t have known.

It is a very dangerous area of the internet for anyone to go in and explore because of the number of illegal things that can be found here, especially if you are just a regular user who has no idea what they are doing.

Other websites such as HackBB and Black Market Reloaded can also be accessed from here.
The best way to find out where to access these websites would be to do some research online about them.

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✧ Who uses The Deep Web?

The deep web is mainly used by cybercriminals, hackers, and government spies. If you are a security seeker who wants to know how to hack into computer networks or want to know how to get paid for hacking, then you must use the deep web because this is the area where cybercriminals will hide their private information and sell their personal information and services.

✧ What are the benefits of using The Deep Web?

There are many benefits of using websites in these areas such as:

  1. Fulfilling your curiosity.
  2. It is the best way to find out what others in this world are doing without them knowing that you have been watching them, making life very exciting.
  3. Getting paid for your skills.
  4. Many people use these websites to get paid for hacking and stealing personal information or trading places with others in the chat rooms.

It is one of the safest ways to search for things on the internet without being caught.

Can you imagine how much stranger danger there is out there if you use Google Chrome?

✧ Conclusion

The dark web and deep web are two different parts of the world wide web that can be accessed using different software that is free to download.

Both areas of the internet have many things in it that you can find out and get information about other people, which includes personal information, credit card information, child pornography, weapons, stolen money from your bank account directly which will not be noticed until you got an email or a phone call from your bank asking you to pay them back.

But both of them also contain very dangerous things so you must be extremely careful when accessing these areas such as cybercrime, malware viruses, and hacking tools.


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