what can you find on the dark web

What can you find on the dark web?

What can you find on the dark web?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer can vary from drugs to weapons, to highly sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank account details. It’s safe to say that things like these are not found anywhere else but on the dark web. Here I want to present some different topics and subtopics you might find on the dark web.

What kind of threats is it used for?

❌ Drugs:

Darknet markets have seen a large number of vendors sell a variety of recreational and addictive substances including MDMA, LSD, marijuana amphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine, and more. Many people do not know that the dark web is often used for drugs, but it’s true.

❌ Weapons:

Many vendors offer weapons for sale for anyone who wants to purchase them. I have researched this topic in-depth and found that you can buy pretty much any weapon you are looking for, including hand grenades, machine guns, bombs, and more. I’m not exactly sure why people are selling these things, but chances are they are doing it because they can make a lot of money by selling these products online. I wouldn’t buy anything here without knowing about the vendor first though.

❌ Currency:

You can find any type of currency you want on the dark web. You can buy bitcoins, gift cards, and even fake money. It’s no secret that the dark web is a great place to buy fake passports as well. I have heard many stories from people who regret buying fake money from the dark web because the bank didn’t take it because there was a stamp on it that said that it was a photocopy of a real bill.

❌ Hacking:

Hacking is a very popular topic on the dark web because many vendors sell this kind of product. This includes hacking computers, hacking Facebook accounts, and any other type of hacking where information is stolen from someone without their knowledge. There are many hackers out there who seek money and do whatever they can to get their hands on it. I recommend staying away from these people because they may just take your money and not provide any services in return.

❌ Credit cards:

This is one of the most popular things on the dark web. There are tons of vendors online who specialize in selling fake credit cards. The thing about these cards is that they are legitimate, but they can be used to buy things online without any problems. You can get many different types of copies to buy, including duplicate credit cards, fake IDs, driver’s licenses, and more. I recommend not getting any of these because it’s illegal and could get you into trouble with the credit card companies if you try using them for real. I would choose something safer like a gift card or bank account instead if you want to buy something online anonymously.

❌ Personally identifiable information:

This is not really something you can find on the dark web, but it’s often sold there. Many vendors who sell banking details, credit card numbers, and more sell this on the dark web. I am sure there are still ways to get it, but this is one topic that you should be very careful about.

❌ Activists and informants:

The dark web has been used by many activists to hide their identities. Activists are usually people that are against certain corporations or organizations that are doing something wrong. This is usually something that the government doesn’t like because they want to keep things under wraps, but it’s very common on the dark web because these people want their secrecy to be known by everyone.

❌ Anonymous Email:

You can find many good and cheap anonymous email accounts on the dark web. I recommend that you stay away from these because they aren’t really anonymous and if you get caught using one of these it will be very hard to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong. I prefer to stay with free email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail. At least those are safe and easy to use.

❌ Computers:

The dark web is a very good place to buy computers and software for deep web searches like hacking and cracking. I recommend looking for vendors who sell this kind of thing because they usually provide a better service where you can get your product faster and cheaper, but you should be very careful. There are many times where the people selling the computers are not reliable. For example, if you are looking for a cheap laptop or computer on the dark web, but you do not want to buy it from a vendor because they are not reliable, it is possible to find them on The Black Market Reloaded. This site is much more reliable than many other places on The Hidden Wiki because they do not ask for much personal information before it can be accessed.


It’s also possible to buy things like proxy services and VPN software on the dark web. When you do this, you can be sure that you can be anonymous when you log in, and that is very important when it comes to people who search for illegal things.

What types of people use the dark web?

There are many different types of people on the dark web. You can find people asking for help on how to make money, you can find young kids selling drugs, sex workers, and more. You can also find criminals who are doing illegal things like selling credit cards, hacking computers, and more.

There are different types of people on the dark web, but I want to stick with the most visible ones who use the dark web daily. These people are mostly drug dealers, hackers, and other criminals. These people see the dark web as their playground because they know that they will never get caught. You can check out pictures of drug dealers online if you want to see what I mean.

How do you find these people?

I recommend doing your research online before you are planning on buying anything. If you are planning on buying drugs, guns, or weapons, I recommend searching the vendor first where they are located and what kind of reputation they have. This is something that you should definitely do if you care about your safety.

You can also use many popular dark web search engines like DuckDuckGo and RECON(Dark web link is on dark.fail) to search for vendors who sell these products online. You may find some results, but chances are that they are not reliable vendors. One of the most popular search resources for this kind of content is Dark.fail. This website is run by people who use Tor and host their sites on it so they cannot be traced anywhere. It’s important to remember that many of these websites do not ask for any personal information before you can access them, so it’s uncertain whether or not they are reliable.

I recommend you do your own research and be very careful if you want to buy anything on the dark web.

How do you find the dark web?:

You can find many different ways to find the dark web and all of them can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. First off, I recommend that you do not go to Tor directly because there are a lot of risks involved with using it. This includes the fact that if someone detects your IP address they can easily locate your location. There’s also a chance that your ISP will be able to trace your IP address back to whoever is hosting the account for you so it’s best if you don’t trust anyone else for this purpose.

I would recommend that you use a VPN server so that you can take advantage of the IP address and other features it offers. VPN connections are actually easier to get than you might think because there are many different companies out there who provide them for free.

I would recommend getting a paid account though if you plan on doing this often, but keep in mind that it will be hard for you to find a free anonymous connection otherwise.

You can also connect directly to the Tor network, but many people have said that this method is not always safe because there are some people out there who try to trick users into downloading malware or other harmful things onto their computers.

There are many other methods out there for you to find the dark web, but I have only presented the safest ones above.


I hope I have presented all that you need to know about what can be found on the dark web, but that wasn’t it for everything I wanted to say. There are other topics that I wanted to talk about as well, but those will have to wait for another time because this has been a long article as it is. I will be back with more soon, so stay tuned.

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