top 5 things you can find on the dark web

What are 5 Alarming Things You Can Find On The Dark Web

Now in this article, I’ll tell you the top 5 things you can find on the dark web. The dark web is popular for dark scary illegal things such as illegal guns, stolen credit cards, black hat hackers, killers, cannibals, and even weapons of mass destruction.

However most of these stories are not true, so let’s dive into the top five things you could possibly encounter on the dark web.

Drugs are one of the most rampant things you can find on the dark web. They make up a good portion of the dark web services. You can find drugs like marijuana, cocaine, edibles, meth, MDMA, LSD, other pills, the list goes on. Above all, the scary thing is that these drugs are relatively easy to find and several websites that offer these services.

There are also dark web marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc but for drugs. Therefore they offer a platform for drug sellers to offer their products to buyers. So Marketplaces are generally more popular because there are tons of sellers and products to choose from. Most markets offer rating systems so it’s more credible. Also, other buyer’s reviews reduce the chances of getting scammed or receiving bad products.

The drugs are easy to conceal and ship to buyers. But caution should be exercised as the seller is anonymous, so it’s easy to get scammed, or worst, you could receive a dangerous product. Be warned, before embarking on a drug shopping spree you should know that there are a lot of scammers who are there to rip people off their money. So they pose as drug sellers and some people do fall for these scams.

drugs you can find on the dark web

Sadly, government agencies could also set up fake websites that sell drugs. Why you may ask, they do it to catch people who purchase drugs through the platform, such websites are called honey pots. Making a purchase on one of such websites means certain jail time.


You can prepare for an assault robbery with the weapons you can find on the dark web. Guns, ammunition, grenades, military gadgets, and even weapons of mass destruction are available on the dark web. The dark web provides anonymity for the sellers of weapons as they can carry out their trade in the shadows. They trade arms and make payments through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or other altcoins.

You can discover several stories of people who have purchased guns through the dark web, there are also several movies about it. Sadly, most of the stories end in tears. Items such as guns, ammunition, etc carry way too much heat even for the dark web. Therefore most marketplaces ban or restrict the sale of weapons on their platforms.

guns picture

In other words, the heat these weapons bring makes it risky for marketplaces to trade. However, some individual websites trade weapons but from my research most are scams, they rip you off and disappear. I might add that it’s better than someone losing a life.

There are some popular websites that claim to have nukes, nuclear bombs, and even anti-matter bombs. I wonder if anyone has come across such websites.

In conclusion, weapons can be bought on the dark web but you have more chances of getting scammed. However, weapons are items you want to stay away from. I mean even marketplaces avoid it, it brings way too much heat.


Hiring a hacker or a group of hackers is a common find on the dark web. You can find hackers offering services to the general public usually at a ranged price. These hackers provide several cyber services such as hacking social accounts, school records, attacking other websites, or cyber-attacks on a person or organization. These hackers usually have years of experience. In other words, they know what they are doing.

hackers for hire on the dark web

Hackers can form groups and work together towards the same aim. A hacker group “Anonymous” almost routinely breaks into protected systems. Anonymous is known for breaking into websites through distributed denial of service attacks or for revealing personal information.

In conclusion, it is possible to find genuine hackers for hire but there is also a chance your money will walk away from you forever.

Malware Bots

Again, due to dark web anonymity, it isn’t a stretch to say you can find malware floating around the dark web than on the everyday web.

There is no doubt many bots are useful such as chatbots and other bots that automate a company’s process. However, there are also dangerous or harmful bots that are programmed to spam, spy, hack, interrupt, and compromises websites of different sizes.

Bots are programmed to automate basically anything, in addition, with the current surge in technological advancements, they are better at doing their jobs. 

On the dark web, you can acquire bots that steal sensitive data from unsuspecting victims, bots that execute phishing attacks, bots that execute denial of service attacks (DDoS) attacks, spambots, and ransomware bots. 

There are even more advanced bots that can connect to a server and act as a control center for a number of other bots. This network is a Botnet. 

malware bots on the dark web

In addition, Malware Bots are difficult to detect so caution is advised because you can get infected and won’t even know it.

Again, this is because of the anonymity the dark web provides so purchases are anonymous.

Similarly, Malware bots are hired, as not everyone can afford to pay for sophisticated bots. So, some people lease out their Bots for a duration of time. 


Yes, you can literally kill someone from your home laying on your couch. All you need is a secure internet connection, Tor browser, and cryptocurrency to pay for the deed. Hitmen are available for hire on the dark web, these guys can do almost anything to your chosen victim.

contract killing on the dark web

In other words, hiring a hitman is not hard at all. · It’s as easy as going onto Amazon and buying a laptop. For instance, If you want to kill someone, or to beat the s–t out of someone. You can casually hire someone or people on the dark web to do it for you. Read this article to see how a man is charged with murder for hire through the dark web. During the early ages of the dark web, there was a popular hitmen service. They called themselves the Besa Mafia, they offered contract killing services throughout the entire USA, Canada, and Europe.

Have you encountered anything mentioned above or do you have any interesting finds on the dark web, please share your experience in the comment section below

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