Top 10 Dangerous Places On The Deep Web

Top 10 Dangerous Places On The Deep Web

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 most dangerous places that you should avoid when browsing the deep web. Always remember to stay safe while exploring and use a VPN service while protecting your identity and location. If anything happens, always contact law enforcement authorities to report any illegal activities to them as soon as possible.

  1. “The Armory” Selling Weapons

In an armory in Sweden, weapons are being sold almost for free by a group of professional traders who specialize in all things armory-related such as ammunition, firearms, military clothing, and more. However, they do place some rules on what they will sell: no offensive weapons of any kind such as grenades or rocket launchers or spray paint.

  1. “Warpzone” – Selling Drugs

The site has been up for sale for a long time and there are people who are trying to purchase it on a daily basis. On top of that, the site is now available for Bitcoin payment. It is constantly being upgraded and maintained by the owner.

  1. “Silk Road 2.0” – Selling Drugs

This deep web market has been available online since May 2013 and is currently valued at about $13 million USD but is starting to show its age as the owner goes offline more often as he doesn’t want to deal with administrative issues that are happening from time to time in comparison to silk road 1.0.

  1. “The Pirate Market” – Selling Drugs and Streaming Movies

This site, which has been mentioned by Forbes magazine, offers a huge database of pirated films that can be accessed for free or for a fee in Bitcoins. The marketplace is well organized as they have already a sub-forum dedicated to the sale of drugs.

  1. “Fake ID” – Fake IDs and More

This website has been around since 2013 where it acquired its fame after selling fake IDs from countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. It was founded by lawyers who are experts in the field of law; they offer high-quality fake documents that can pass as legal anywhere you go.

  1. “BulkForum” – Selling Drugs

This is currently the oldest marketplace on the deep web. It has been around since February 2013 and has proven to be very popular among drug users who are looking for cheap good quality drugs.

  1. “DexX” – Selling Drugs, Guns, and More

This site was founded in March 2013 by a group of anonymous people who are selling drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD and etc. The marketplace uses its own escrow service where members can sell Bitcoins for real money and vice versa. They only accept Bitcoins as a payment method for their products.

  1. DeepDotWeb” – Selling Drugs

This marketplace launched in July 2013 and is highly encrypted; so there are no traces of downloads or links to the site. Both buyers and sellers can enjoy the anonymity that it brings to the website. They also offer a free forum that has been frequented by known drug users such as Silk Road, Mininova, This website was seized by the FBI. The Pirate Market etc.

  1. “DuurzaamKopen” – Selling Organic Food

This deep web marketplace has been around since the end of 2014 and it offers a wide variety of organic food for its customers. It is currently one of the only deep web marketplaces that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

  1. “Zero Market” – Selling Drugs

The Zero Market was co-founded by US law enforcement in September 2013 and has since then been developing like any other marketplace on the deep web. They offer a wide variety of drugs such as cannabis, heroin, LSD and etc. They have promoted their products through various forums like Silk Road and The Pirate Bay due to their high-quality drug products.

Bonus – “Grams” – Selling Drugs

The Grams Marketplace is one of the newest deep web marketplaces that was launched in May 2015. This site offers only drugs but it has managed to gain a lot of attention from the media and users due to its founder, George Frost who is currently serving time in jail. It currently operates from a new domain after its old one was seized by police officers back in August 2015.

Bonus- “Crypto Market” – Selling Products

The Crypto Market is a website that sells a wide variety of products. These products include books, clothing, and even accounting software. It was founded by Tomatocage and has been running since the end of 2014.

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