Dark Side of VPN

The Dark Side of VPNs

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What is VPN?

I’ve already explained all about VPNs in one of my articles, but for the sake of some readers who don’t have the leisure to read it, I’ll just briefly explain it once again.

A VPN (a virtual private network) is software built to protect your internet privacy, security, and freedom. It connects your device with a remote VPN server, creating a private network inside a public internet connection.

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What is the Dark Side?

I’m sure that most of you have heard the proverb; two sides of a coin, or that where there’s good, there is always evil lurking around the corner, or wherever there’s light, you’ll always find a shadow.

These proverbs are just a highlight that proves that everything and everyone has a dark side. And by the dark side, I’m not talking about the dark side from star wars, (loved that movie). I mean the real dark side, the human path. Although most people tend to deny the fact that they do have one, and maybe they might go a long time without exhibiting or showing signs of one, it doesn’t change the fact that they do have one.

The Net?

And yes humans aren’t the only ones who have a dark side, unfortunately, the internet happens to have one as well. We should have all expected that since the internet didn’t mysteriously come into existence. Humans created it, and we all know that humans aren’t exactly the best species when honesty and sincerity are mentioned. We shouldn’t then expect their creations to be the best in those aspects.

Imagine this scenario; where humanity happened to have advanced into the virtual age. Where everything and probably everyone has been digitized. (Fun fact, most geeks believe that this is the only possible way, humans could obtain immortality). Although, this era is trying to do that, and some believe that in the distant future, V.R. (virtual reality), would be the most ideal way of living.

But in such a world, how important do you think the use of VPNs would be? And even though most people hate the cops, wouldn’t we all want a policing or security agency, that would enforce the law on the developers of VPNs?

Would you trust an agency with your life, cause remember, we’re now living in the V.R. Would you trust them, simply because they covered their face with a VPN icon or logo? Know that this is your life we’re talking about here, any mishap, and you lose it.

And this isn’t like your laptop files, where you could still report and seek justice in court. In this case, when your files are gone, you are also gone, and an even worse scenario is the people not even knowing that you’re gone.

This just goes to show that although the cops aren’t liked much, they are needed. Cause without someone actively trying to fight and suppress the dark side of humans, chaos would be everywhere.

The Business World?

But let me ask you, are you sure that you have nothing to worry about? That your info is as safe and secured as they said?

Forget the terms and conditions, the promises made by most corporations, or the press conference held by most companies that specialize in internet-based businesses; like VPNs, and social media platforms.

You should all know that it’s all lies.

Yes they say that they don’t read your information or messages, and they don’t interfere with your privacy, that it is secure and you have nothing to worry about.

You should know by now that humans are inherently selfish by nature, and we would always want to have some sort of upper hand against those around us. Call it superiority or supremacy impulse, but it doesn’t change the fact that humans are competitive. Cause if we weren’t, sports wouldn’t be in existence. Since the very nature or aim of sports is to reward a person or their team for succeeding in crushing or winning against their opponent.

Internet Conspiracy?

The internet is like so, it’s all about competition and conspiracy, and trust me when I say conspiracy cause that is what it mostly is. Everything we do, everywhere we go, everyone we meet, this are all monitored. You might not know it, or be conscious of it, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. And don’t be fooled by the belief that some people have, that such things only happen in the movies and not in real life. Cause trust me, they do happen.

And that’s the message that I’m trying to pass along, to inform you that all this is possible. You are being watched, either by your network provider, or the VPN you’re using. Even the phone or laptop you’re currently using, the manufacturers have either installed a software or a hardware installed in it that sends them relevant information about you.

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