The Best Darknet Markets since Empire fell

How do Darknet Markets work?

Well, it is a lot like Amazon– minus the 2-Day delivery, good prices, and awesome customer service. With that said, most Darknet Markets work similarly with a few caveats.

First, you can only access these sites through Tor. Second, you can only make purchases using crypto like bitcoin or monero. Then you go to the site of your choice, fill your cart with an item, enter some shipping info, and hit buy. Finally, the last step is to wait. 

Honestly, there are three options after that. If the package arrives! Then “yay!” Good on you. However, the other two outcomes are not good. The best is the package never comes and you’re out some coin. The worst-case scenario is you get a knock at the door from a guy with a badge. 

And sometimes, they don’t knock. 

What happened to Empire Market?

For nearly two years, Empire Market reigned supreme. The go-to darknet marketplace for everyone’s drug, hacker, and fraud needs. Reportedly, Empire made over $6 million weekly! The money flow shows how legit the site was.

Unfortunately, administrators and owners recently pulled an exit scam. In short, an “exit scam” is when a darknet market robs both buyers and sellers of their hard-earned bitcoin. News is they got away with over $30 million. Generally, they allow users to make deposits but the withdrawals are turned off, so you can take out your money.

Listings are left up so you can go now and make purchases. However, the vendor will never see that bitcoin– but, you’ll never receive a thing. I think after the arrests of the founders of Silk Road and AlphaBay, they know it’s a matter of time before the feds swarm in. Better to quit while you’re ahead, eh?

The best alternatives to empire market (2020)

Anyway, I went and did a little research to see if there are any new contenders to replace Empire. 


Links active at the time of posting.

White House Market


White House Market opened in Feb. 2019. It touts itself as “a secure market created from scratch.” However, the owners are a known spammer gang and exit scammers. Use with caution. 

After creating your login, you will see this page: 

White House Market Homepage
White House Market Homepage

As you can see, there are sections for drugs, online services, software, services, and a lot more. 

The site only takes monero as payment. And all users are required to use a PGP Key. Those two factors make it more secure but difficult for the average user.

Monopoly Market

Monopoly Market Homepage

Link: monopolyberbucxu.onion

Monopoly Market aims to stop exit scams by only allowing vouched vendors on their site. They only sell drugs and are a wallet-less market. That means you pay the buyer directly, there’s no middleman to steal the monero. Also, XMR is the only crypto they accept.

As there is no wallet, so you have to finalize early. Which means you have to pay before the package arrives– which it probably won’t. Other markets offer escrow, where they hold the crypto and you can release the coin when your items arrive.

However, that’s how you get exit scammed. Double-edged sword.

The Majestic Garden

The Majestic Garden Homepage

Link: talismanrestz7mr.onion/

The Majestic Garden isn’t your typical darknet market. It’s a psychedelics and harm reduction forum. So, it doesn’t have the visual listings we’re accustomed to. Transactions occur between users using P2P methods. 

To create an account, you need a PGP key. Other than that, it’s a pretty tame site compared to others.


Cannazon Market Homepage


This market is a one-stop-shop for Cannabis products and accessories. At first glance, they’re set up like a typical market with listings showing pictures and prices. Also, they offer escrow, two-factor authentication, and multisig. 

Cannazon accepts both monero and bitcoin. It’s easy to use with a simple interface. And they ship worldwide. If you’re looking for some weed, there you go.

Dark Market

Dark Market Homepage
Dark Market Homepage

Link: http://darkevuygggqkqhq.onion

Dark Market claims to pride itself on “quality customer service.” Now, I’ve never purchased anything from these dark web markets because I would never do anything to break any laws. But from what I’ve researched, they appear to live up to it. Also, the administers are active on various forums, including their own.

As far as the market goes, it’s similar to Empire Market and the rest with different categories for everything. They accept bitcoin. However, you can use monero as well. It’s another straight-forward site that’s simple to use.

ToRReZ Market

ToRRez Market Homepage
ToRRez Market Homepage


ToRReZ is a relatively new darknet market, launching only in Feb. 2020. So, not much is known about them. However, a cursory glance shows they cater to everything: drugs, fraud, fake documents, the whole gamut.

It’s a wallet-less market that accepts many cryptos, including bitcoin, monero, litecoin, and zcash. Since it’s wallet-less, that means you pay first and then they ship– no escrow here. Reviews are fine so far fire the site, but only time will tell.

Darknet Markets You Should Avoid

  • Empire Market — Exit Scam
  • Deep Sea Market — Seized by LEO
  • Apollon Market — Exit Scam
  • Yellow Brick Market — Exit Scam

Do your research on any other markets you come across. Because new ones are popping up all the time. On that same note, old ones are getting seized by law, scamming their patrons, and simply just go away. 

Is it illegal to buy things from Darknet Markets?

If you’re buying something illegal where you live, then yes! Now, if LEO shows at your door is another story. I err on the side of caution and would never try it. Customs and Borders is a force to be reckoned with. And I have to tell you to not try it either.

Be wary. A common tactic by law is to set up a honeypot. That means they take over the site, leave up the listings to collect addresses and payments, and boom! They arrest hundreds of people and have all the evidence they need. But to each their own.

Have you shopped at one of these? Or do you know any others? Let me know down below. I’ll research and add them.

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  1. I had bought cc,pp,wu so many times, but received nothing ,there are so many scammers on the market, they are only waiting your money and take it away. I do not know is there a really seller or not.i stop it not buy anything there,do not trust the deep market.

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