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The 10 Best Reasons Why You Should Use Tor Browser

A common problem with any browser is the fact that you are giving up your personal information and browsing history to companies. Tor Browser solves this problem by encrypting your internet traffic and bouncing it around the world through 3,000 relays so it cannot be traced back to you. With Tor Browser you can also access content that is blocked in your country, browse without being tracked while remaining anonymous online, and avoid ISP tracking.

Background Information: The article doesn’t contain any specific recommendations for how to use Tor Browser, but provides background information about its usefulness.

The 10 best reasons why you should use Tor Browser:

1) Stay anonymous online

Stay anonymous online

We’ve all heard stories of people (and governments) who have gone on illegal hacking sprees or talked too much about controversial subjects only to find out later that their government was spying on them or their neighbor has been listening in on their phone calls. With Tor Browser you can surf the internet with confidence knowing that only the person doing the surfing knows who you are.

2) Avoid ISP tracking

Avoid ISP tracking

ISPs and governments want to know everything about us including what websites we visit and how long we spend online. Tor Browser lets you remove yourself completely from government and ISP tracking by encrypting your internet traffic so no one can tell who is accessing your computer, or where (and when) certain websites were accessed.

3) Access content that’s blocked in your country

Access content that’s blocked in

Many people living under oppressive governments, like China or Syria, are forced to block or remove content they don’t agree with such as political websites or social media sites like Facebook. Because Tor Browser encrypts where you are accessing data, the government or internet provider will see that you are using Tor Browser, but they won’t be able to tell where you are getting your content.

4) Browse without being tracked

Browse without being tracked

You may have heard about organizations like Facebook and Google tracking everything we do online and selling that information to advertisers. With the new laws in the EU, these companies must get permission from us to do this, but even then they can still sell our data without telling us. Tor Browser anonymizes your internet traffic so these companies will no longer know who you are or what sites you visit.

5) Safe and secure browsing

Safe and secure browsing

The internet is dangerous from hackers using exploit kits to steal information, viruses, and even malware that will steal your identity or turn your computer into a zombie that helps them attack other computers. With Tor Browser you can safely surf the web knowing that you are protected against these attacks because it blocks common forms of malware by default (including exploits & even JavaScript).

6) Prevent criminals from hacking into your computer

6) Prevent criminals from hacking into your computer

Criminals are using a new technique called “malvertising” to infect computers with viruses and malware. Unlike other ways to get malware onto your computer, malvertising doesn’t use viruses that you can catch by clicking on an infected website.

The attackers use malicious software that is embedded in advertisements displayed on websites you trust. When these ads are displayed in Tor Browser they appear transparent so you have no idea there’s malicious code hidden inside of them. In effect, Tor Browser is acting as a virtual “umbrella” that keeps malicious software and viruses from getting into your computer.

7) Use Tor Browser when you’re offline

7) Use Tor Browser when you’re offline

You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to use Tor Browser. With built-in support for offline browsing, you can access websites and files on your computer without being tracked or traced.

8) Use Tor Browser across multiple computers

8) Use Tor Browser across multiple computers

Your internet traffic is susceptible to being monitored, tracked, and even blocked by government agencies if it’s ever detected coming from you. Tor Browser puts you in control of which Tor Bridge and Exit Relay to use when connecting to the internet, so it can be done securely and anonymously, without ever being connected.

9) Access sites that are otherwise censored or blocked

9) Access sites that are otherwise censored or blocked

There are many websites that people living under oppressive governments aren’t allowed to access like political or religious websites. If you want to surf the internet but aren’t allowed by your government, use Tor Browser and surf the web like normal, without anyone knowing who you are.

10) Download games with Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Keep in mind also that many games require an Internet connection and can actually be blocked if you don’t have one. With Tor Browser, you will be able to download games and play them.

Tor Browser is a free browser that lets you use the internet anonymously by routing your traffic through several locations and encrypting information before it leaves your computer. You’ll also have access to content otherwise censored by your government, avoiding ISP tracking, removing sensitive personal data from search history, and getting around blocked websites. Tor Browser is also available for iPhone, Android mobile phones (J2ME), and any operating systems capable of running the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The website offers information about various governments tracking their citizens’ internet activity. It also provides information about Tor’s safety thus it’s suggested for people wanting to protect their privacy.

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