top 10 websites to visit on the dark web

The 10 Best Dark Web Sites You Should Know About

The Dark Web often referred to as the Deep Web, is a network of websites that cannot be navigated without special software. Otherwise, you would not be able to access them in the first place. These websites are shrouded in secrecy and are typically only accessible through Tor Browser because they have been hidden from search engines like Google and Bing. If you want to understand this complex world of cybercrime, terrorism, hacking, and more; then these 10 dark websites will give you a taste of what it’s all about:

##1: Silk Road Darknet Market – The shop for illegal goods that has spread paranoia throughout the entire world even up to this day. The original darknet market was shut down in 2013, but its replacement Silk Road 2.0 is thriving today.

Also known as the “Amazon for drugs,” Silk Road’s popularity made it a target for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. The FBI even named it one of the ten most wanted websites on the planet. Once you log onto this website, you will find a wide variety of merchandise available for sale, ranging from illegal substances to firearms and even fake IDs.

##2: Agora Marketplace Darknet Market – This marketplace is primarily used for the sale of drugs and is probably one of the most popular selling spots in the darknet. The site used to be a part of the original Silk Road until it was shut down by authorities. It is believed that they are still doing business under a different name.

##3: Evolution Darknet Market – A market launched by former administrators of Agora Marketplace as a response to their counterparty’s arrest. It is like their previous service provider, which means you can buy and sell drugs from this website.

Notable Transactions: In just a few months after going online, Evolution has already been involved in more than $1.5 million worth of transactions. It is also believed that this site has more than 150,000 registered users and growing.

##4: Blue Sky Darknet Market – This is the largest online drug marketplace today that operates exclusively on the Tor network. In comparison to the previous three sites, it only accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its products and services.

Darknet Market #5: Cebolla Darknet Marketplace – This vendor uses encrypted messaging on their website which allows their customers to communicate with them privately without having to fear their security. The site itself is a product of collaboration between several trusted vendors in the underground economy.

Notable Transactions: Recently an anonymous user was willing to pay $1 million in bitcoins as ransom to prevent the publication of stolen celebrity photos. The identity of the actors involved in this transaction has remained unknown because they used Cebolla Darknet Marketplace to make the deal.

##6: Silk Road Forums Darknet Market – The largest forum on the dark web with more than 23,000 active users. Many of these users simply want to deepen their understanding of this underground economy or learn new ways of making money and dealing with illegal goods and services.

##7: Evolution Marketplace Forum Darknet Market – A community dedicated to protecting one of the biggest dark web drug markets today. It is believed that only a few vendors have access to this forum. The purpose of this forum is to discuss and mediate disputes that arise between the community members while operating in this marketplace.

Notable Transactions: One of the biggest and most successful drug deals on Evolution Marketplace Forum was when a user paid one million dollars for a couple of kilograms of cocaine worth $700,000 on Silk Road forums. [7]

##8: Dream Market Darknet Market – It is another marketplace like Agora Marketplace or even Evolution Marketplace Forum that operates exclusively on the Tor network. This site also sells various other types of illicit goods including illegal drugs, hacking tools, hacking services, firearms, etc.

Notable Transactions: One of the biggest and most successful drug deals on Dream Market was when a user paid $200,000 for a single kilogram of cocaine. This same user also placed an order for 1 kilogram of LSD that cost $32,000.

##9: Trade Route Darknet Market – One of the biggest and most successful drug deals on Trade Route was when a user paid $2,500 for around 5 pills containing MDMA (“ecstasy”) and 2 grams “more standard doses”. A post on the site claimed that “You will get a little bit of LSD, some Mushrooms, Fake Weed (weed in a bag), and MDMA”.

##10: AlphaBay Darknet Market – A user on AlphaBay named “MrHumble” sold 1 kilogram of pure MDMA for $9000. He also sold methamphetamines for $6,500 with an estimated street value of $20,000 per kilogram. The largest single sale on the site was valued at a whopping $1.2 million USD.

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