ipvanish review

IPVanish VPN Review

If you want to have the best VPN, then you’ll be looking for a VPN with faster speed, affordable prices, high-end security, and many features. While in that case, IPVanish VPN can be a solid choice VPN for most of the users.

IPVanishVPN headquarters are located in the United States Of America providing you with a long list of features. Many VPN service providers want to take place of  IPVanish by providing better speeds, features, and security. It comes with a SugarSync feature which makes it more Unique than the other VPN service providers.

In this detailed review, I’ll be reviewing its pros and cons, features, speed, and many more. We properly tested its speeds, apps and can it unblock popular streaming sites like Netflix. “Yes,” it can unblock some of the streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. But failed to unblock Amazon Prime. In the end, I’ll also share my opinion regarding IPVanish.

So grab a bunch of popcorns and start exploring what IPVanish offers…

Pros & Cons  


  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Automatic kill switch
  • SugarSync feature
  • Unblock Netflix US libraries


  • Subscription is too expensive
  • No-split tunneling
  • Failed to unblock Amazon Prime Video and iplayer

IPVanish VPN Specs

  Number of servers1600+ Servers
  Number of countries  75 Countries
  Supported Platforms  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Stick TV
  Supported Browsers  Chrome
  Multiple Connections  Unlimited Connection
  Kill Switch  Yes
  Company Location  United States Of America
  SugarSync Feature  Yes
  Customer Support  24/7 live chat, Emails, and help articles

Features Of IPVanish

IPVanish VPN is considered in the list of best VPNs 2021 because of its cool features. Here we are going to review each of its features in detail.

1: Servers All Around The World

Image Credit: IPVanish

IPVanish VPN operates more than 1600 servers in 75 countries. The number of servers has been increased as compared to the past year. However, the number of servers that the company operates is linked with how many subscribers it serves. The more subscribers the more will be the servers.

Its servers are located in Africa, South America, and many other countries. It also has servers in the countries where there are many internet restrictions like China.

The number of servers that IPV operates is very less as compared to other popular VPN service providers. ExpressVPN and TorGuard have more than 3000 servers while NordVPN and CyberGhost operate on more than 5000 servers.

2. Automatic Kill Switch

IPVanish VPN offers their users an automatic kill switch that does not expose their client’s IP address in case if your connection with the VPN server drops. This VPN is most liked by many people because it offers such a cool feature.

But this feature is only available on IPVanish VPN Windows and Mac apps. I hope the service providers will provide their mobile users with an automatic kill switch in the upcoming updates.

3: Multiple Devices

IPVanish VPN provides its users with up to 10 simultaneous connections to spread your subscription across all of your devices. It is a solid choice VPN in the market in terms of multiple devices. NordVPN offers up to 6 multiple connections while ExpressVPN offers 5 multiple connections which are less than that of IP Vanish. 

4: Sugar Sync Feature

IPVanish VPN offers their client a second account called the Sugar sync feature which provides you with a VPN plus 500 GB of storage. It is beneficial for file sharing, backup, storage, and many other things.

IP Vanish provides you with only email and password for the SugarSync account. You have to download the SugarSync app by yourself which is disappointing.

The installation doesn’t take a long time, when it is done then it is easy to use. This feature also makes IPVanish VPN more unique than other popular VPNs. 

5: Logging

IP Vanish follows a strict no-logging policy. Your original identity is wrapped under several layers of security. The service provider guarantee that they do not keep a record of your activity while connected to their apps. They want to preserve the civil right of privacy.

IPVanish VPN can also be considered as zero log VPN which means that they do not keep a record of your connection, web traffic, or anything else.

Don’t trust any VPN service provider blindly that they do not log your data. VPN providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN try to assure their users by allowing other companies to audit their systems.

IPVanish VPN Subscription and how much it costs?

Image credit: IPVanish

There are only two simple options available to purchase their memberships, all of the plans offer you the same features. The monthly membership plan costs 10 USD per month and 90 USD annually. You also have an option to break the payment into slabs of three months. VPN service providers are always offering cool discounts and deals. The monthly subscription plan is just an open bargain so always go for a yearly plan where you can save a little bit of your money.

If price bothers, then try to find a free VPN. Tunnel bear offers a free membership plan but their users can only utilize up to 500 MBs while ProtonVPN offers a free subscription where a user can utilize unlimited data.

If you’re in the mood to purchase IP Vanish then you must know which payment method is supported. You can purchase a membership with any major debit card or with PayPal. If you’re looking to purchase their subscription with bitcoin, amazon gift card, or any other payment method, then you are out of luck with IPVanish VPN. IP Vanish has limited payment methods while other VPN service providers have many payment options.

There is no free trial available, although it offers its clients 30 days money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

IP Vanish customer support had been improved greatly as compared to last years. In the past IPVanish only offers email support on their website but now things have been changed. It offers support via 24/7 live chat, email support, and help section.

The fastest way to chat is live chat. I get a response within two minutes which is fast. While testing IPVanish, I was provided with incorrect information. I asked for Is there any free trial available. The agent answered me that there is no free trial available while there is a free trial available on websites for iOS apps.

Overall IPVanish has smart customer support which provides you with technical advice if something goes wrong.

IPVanish VPN Speed Test

When connected to a VPN it always slows down your upload speeds, download speeds, and increases latency. How it affects our browsing experience, We take speed measurement by using a tool known as Ookla. One of the best tools to compare the speeds connected with VPN and without VPN.

While testing, we found that IPVanish performed very well and finds a place in the top 9 fastest VPNs. IPVanish decreases its download speed by 63 percent while decreases its upload speed by 52 percent.

According to my opinion, Hotspot Sheild VPN is the fastest VPN available in the market. It decreases its download speed by only 26 percent which is why it is considered the fastest VPN. While purchasing a don’t choose a VPN only on speed test results. Consider its features, price, trust, and value it offers.

IPVanish Apps

Image credit: IPVanish

IPVanish can be accessed through most of your devices. It offers apps for Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android. When IPVanish was introduced it doesn’t offer apps for Linux users but then after many complaints, they added an app for Linux. It offers plugins for browsers that enhance your browsing experience.

The service provider also offers an excellent VPN router. Putting a VPN on routers can secure your web traffic flowing through that router. Although it is a smart option. If you’re interested to have a VPN router, but didn’t know how to set it up. Don’t worry IPVanish has partnerships with the retailer to provide you with a pre-installed router.

IPVanish And Netflix

Can IPVanish unblock Netflix?

My short and quick answer is “Yes”.

All of the US-based servers can allow you access to geo-blocked content. There is nothing to surprise. But we use to test just to confirm that there is no problem.

I was shocked when I see that IPVanish can unblock US Netflix libraries. All of its servers give us easy access to unblock the US Netflix. It performed very well than the other competitors available in the market. That’s why IPVanish is considered the best VPN for Netflix.

Although it failed to provide me access to Amazon Prime Video. The site directly recognized that we’re using a VPN service.

However, ExpressVPN and Hotspot Shield successfully unblocked all of the streaming sites which makes them better than IPVanish. But overall IPVanish is good for Disney+ and Netflix, especially if you want to unblock Netflix US.

IPVanish And Torrenting

IPVanish didn’t advertise that it can support torrenting but actually, it is a solid choice in VPNs if you’re looking to torrent files safely. It comes with an automatic kill switch, no-log policy, and easy to set up proxy. In short, it has everything that a user needs to protect their privacy while torrenting.

You can torrent files with every server you want to choose. There are no specific servers that can only support torrenting. While testing, I found that my download speed decreases while torrenting, and the change is noticeable. The split tunneling feature is only available for android and amazon fire Tv clients which makes it less attractive for some users.

Privacy Policy

IPVanish VPN Privacy Policy

Image Credit: IPVanish

Privacy is the main advantage of a good VPN. IPVanish provides its users with high-end security which helps IPV to standout in VPNs. It comes with 256-bit encryption which is excellent, IPVanish also underpins OpenVPN and IKEv2 these are the safest protocols mostly used by the popular VPNs.

It’s necessary to understand the information that the service collects and also how do they use your information. In short, the best VPN service providers collect as little information as possible and even share them less.

IPVanish Privacy and policy are a little harder to read but it’s easy to understand. However, Tunnel Bear is the best VPN available in the market because they have a truly readable policy. It easy to read and understand. I also value the policy’s readability.

I’d prefer to read their Privacy Policy but sometimes reading might be a boring job. So here’s a summary of it.

From reading the Privacy Policy, the company claims that they do not keep records of any connection, traffic, or any other activity. They also conclude that “we do not sell or rent your information to others. That’s what I like to hear. In terms of security, IPVanish makes its place in the top 5 VPNs.

The company also claims that it owns the majority of its servers, but also leases servers in some locations. IPV is also taking major steps to controls unauthorized access to its infrastructure. That’s a great step but not worthy because many other VPN service providers have already taken steps to make their infrastructure more secure. That’s an important issue in this industry and many of the popular VPN service providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN move on to RAM-only servers. 

My Opinion And Recommendation

I’d like to recommend this VPN to those who are very conscious of their privacy. This VPN is worthy for browsing and unblocking streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+. But failed to unblock some sites like iplayer and Amazon Prime. SugarSync is one of the most liked feature in this VPN because it provides you with storage with VPN service. The VPN service also offers apps for almost every operating system. Overall they need to improve their unblocking abilities.

Final Thoughts

In terms of security IPVanish ticks all the boxes. IPVanish provides you with free cloud storage, decent speeds, superb customer service, best torrent support, and many more. Its apps are lightweight and are easy to install. A normal who doesn’t try a VPN before can easily learn within a few minutes.

IPVanish offers you customer support in many ways like 24/7 live chat, Email, and help articles. But there are some problems and issues while using their apps also there are smaller glitches that interpret the user experience.

It also offers subscription options with attractive deals and discounts and accepts payments through credit card or Paypal.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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