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How to protect your info from the data apocalypse

Have you ever wondered or thought about what would happen if you suddenly lost your files? And by losing your files, I mean to lose them permanently. And it’s not because of your carelessness or due to fraud or hackers and also not because of some accident, like your phone being dropped in water and stuff like that.

I mean a loss that would affect not just you but the world as a whole.

Have you ever tried visualizing or at least thinking about such a scenario? And if you had, did you think of what to do or what can be done to save your data? If you had, keep on reading maybe you would be able to find better options. And if you haven’t well you are lucky to have come about this article, cause I’ll be telling you what would happen in such a scenario. But most importantly, what to do. So stick with me folks and discover the possibilities for when you happen to find yourself in such a world.

Well, let’s just hope that we never find ourselves in such a world cause the damage will most certainly be catastrophic.

What is Data?

Okay, before we begin to discuss the whole apocalypse stuff, I’m gonna assume that you all know what data is. But for some people who would want to know more about it, here’s a more detailed explanation.

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Data is information, it’s a currency, a conversation, a discussion (whether it’s a face-time discussion or through the use of a messaging app). One of my friends once described the world as a ball of data, cause if you dive into it and did some research, you’ll find out that everything is connected. Whether humans, animals, or plants, we’re all connected in one way or another, you just need to know where to look. In short, it’s a way of life in this our current era.

Data is any information that is in a digital form, and almost everything these days has a digital format. Whether it’s your money or your books, some items like your music or video files can only exist in a digital form. Well, you could try having a live concert, or a stage play, but I’m pretty sure that not many people have the time or money to attend them. And just imagine having to go to a concert whenever you want to listen to a song, and mind you that not every song you want could be played, and no concert can be held for days, if not months. And the same scenario happens when videos are involved.

What is an Apocalypse?


Okay, we’ve all heard about the apocalypse before, maybe from our friends, from the church (for those who aren’t atheists), or from one or two movies or music videos. In other words, almost everyone knows what an apocalypse is, and we could all agree that it isn’t good to experience.

Cause an apocalypse means utter and complete destruction, with no hope of rejuvenation or recovery. And even if we do recover, we’d never be able to completely recover. There is an even higher possibility for us to regress than recover.

Then What About a Data Apocalypse?


During national wars, the battlefields aren’t only on the war front where the soldiers and their machines like tanks and jets are confronting each other. The countries are also at cyber war with each other. Where their hackers or programmers try to hack into the database of the opponent’s server either to retrieve a classified document or shut down their network or disrupt the functions of certain software. 

But this is just on a small scale compared to what a wide range of disruption can do.

Just like in apocalypse, the explanation for data apocalypse is the same with the only difference being that the catastrophe happens only on data. Like the internet shutting down entirely, or every system being taken over by some A.I. (artificial intelligence) or country. Think of all the damages that would happen, cause some businesses or industries needs the internet to work or function. Products like the iPhone become partially useless without an internet connection since most of their software can only work with the use of an internet connection. if you ever wondered if the word wide web (www) can be destroyed, read this

What Do You Do?

To be honest, I don’t think that most of us could stop an actual data apocalypse unless you happen to be in a position that grants you access to certain classified materials or information. But all hope isn’t lost yet for when you find yourself in such a situation. As long as you follow the two tips that I mention here, you’d have nothing to fear.

  • Always backup your files; and by backup, I don’t mean cloud backing (which means savings it on the internet). Get external storage and save the file in it. It’s also better if you have two copies in two separate storage, just in case you happen to lose one.
  • Don’t be lazy to write; by write, I mean handwritten books or notes with an actual pen and paper. Everything is convenient these days due to the invention of phones, tablets, and laptops. We no longer need to spend money just to buy a pen, pencil, or paper since most things are now written on our devices. Although they are convenient and make life easier, it also means that you’ll end up saving your work on the device. And most people would also end up saving the works on the cloud, believing the work to have been backed up. Well, it is backed up until an apocalypse happens and then you’d wish you had taken the time to write it down.

Even the government tends to keep a hard copy of some confidential documents, for security purposes and also for a case such as a data apocalypse. Then why shouldn’t you do the same?

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