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Deepdotweb And Its Historical Significance


DeepDotWeb, which covered darknet news and cataloged resources on the “seamy side of the Internet”. This “guide” to the darknet was updated daily, promptly informed about the closure of certain resources, their new addresses, exit scams, told other problems of trading platforms, and so on.


The FBI, Europol, and law enforcement agencies in Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Brazil conducted a joint operation that resulted in the closure of DeepDotWeb

In Israel, according to local media reports, two DeepDotWeb operators were arrested. Other arrests have also been made in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

However, it was certainly not the news. The investigation claims that DeepDotWeb operators received a commission for redirecting traffic to illegal sites on the darknet. The fact is that in the DeepDotWeb catalog, links to any resources were freely published, including trading platforms on the darknet, where they sell and buy weapons, drugs, malware, stolen information, pornography, and much more. However, while law enforcement officers do not specify what kind of “commission” and in what size they are talking about. According to TechCrunch journalists, the site administration made millions of dollars from their directory of .onion links.

DeepDotWeb is Seized, What Does it Mean for the owners

Apparently, the liquidation of DeepDotWeb is just a continuation of a large-scale campaign that the authorities are waging against darknet resources. Let me remind you that, the joint efforts of law enforcement agencies around the world also liquidated two large underground marketplaces: Wall Street Market and Valhalla (aka Silkkitie).

Europol announced that two suspected administrators of DeepDotWeb, a site that indexes Dark Web marketplaces, had been arrested on Monday in Paris and Israel.

They were indicted in the US. The FBI has taken over the DeepDotWeb site, which now displays logos for 10 law enforcement agencies that helped lead the investigation and arrests.

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It is not illegal to create a directory for markets selling illegal items on the Dark Web. It’s another matter if you make money on these sites. According to Europol, authorities believe DeepDotWeb administrators have made millions of dollars in kickbacks from Dark Web sites to which they redirected people.

Laundering of money

In its termination notice, the FBI cites federal laws on money laundering and confiscation of property in civil and criminal matters.

Both suspects arrested are Israeli citizens. They were charged with conspiracy to launder money for allegedly receiving commissions from the sale of illegal drugs such as fentanyl and heroin, weapons, hacked data, hacking tools, payment cards, other illegal counterfeit goods, and other illegal goods.

The two have allegedly owned and operated DeepDotWeb since 2013. WSM was just one dark web marketplace for which DeepDotWeb provided news, reviews, and direct access to interested buyers. Over the years, authorities estimate that the site has sent hundreds of thousands of users to the dark web markets.

Europol says payments were made in virtual currency and transferred to a Bitcoin wallet controlled by DeepDotWeb. The suspects allegedly hid the money by transferring it to other bitcoin accounts and bank accounts in the name of shell companies.

The pair allegedly received a total of about 7.5 million euros of bitcoins – about 8.4 million USD – adjusted for the trade value of the currency at the time of each transaction.

Authorities showed off a variety of luxury watches and banknotes when they presented evidence they had seized in international raids. The investigation lasted nearly two years and is believed to have ended one of the world’s largest online human trafficking operations.

This is yet another success for law enforcement in the fight against the sale of illegal goods on the darknet.

You can hide, but you still have to run

It is also another reminder that despite the anonymity provided by the smart encryption of the dark web, you can still be tracked. Many criminals highly rated their skills in covering their tracks, but still left traces that investigators followed to their computers.

Ryan S. Lin, a 25-year-old who, in April 2018, pleaded guilty to seven counts of cyber harassment, five counts of distributing images of child abuse, nine counts of threatening with a fake bomb. , three cases of computer fraud and abuse and one count of aggravated identity theft.

Lin, a computer science graduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic, was smart enough to take a dual approach to protect anonymity: both a virtual private network (VPN) and anonymous service to mask his true IP address. He was also smart enough to know that VPNs keep logs.

Luckily for the FBI, he has done a terrible job of hiding his tracks, despite all his supposed technical abilities. When investigators accessed Lin’s Gmail account, they found that he had sent himself two screenshots of what looked like his iPhone. The images showed which apps were installed, including several apps for anonymous text messaging, encrypted email, and toll-free numbers.

Lin thought the Tor IP anonymization service would protect him. He thought VPNs would hide him. He also appears to have believed in anonymous overseas text messaging services and overseas encrypted email providers that do not respond to law enforcement inquiries and/or keep IP logs or other records.

In October 2018, he was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison.

The Circumstances of the DeepDotWeb and WSM case were just the latest stepping stone in the belt of international law enforcement agencies who have learned a thing or two about how to shed light on the dark corners of the web.

It was a big crash, and DeepDotWeb was drowned in just one ripple. No doubt we can expect even more resonance from the WSM investigation.

Tracking purchases is getting harder too. Some marketplaces do not have wallets or users: they perform their function at the expense of a monthly commission with a commission in other ways, and they allow transactions directly between sellers and buyers.

The development of cryptocurrency technology itself also allows criminals to stay ahead of law enforcement. Wallet services provide more privacy than ever before they accept it.

“Initially, Darkweb markets were solely based on Bitcoin. However, this has changed over the past few years, ”says Europol. “An increasing number of markets are recognizing the benefits of various alternative coins, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash,

and Dash. “

Alternatives To DeepDotWeb

deepdotweb alternative

Pro Publica – Is a non-profit newsroom on the dark web. The news site also intends to encourage other more traditional media to develop on the Dark Web by showing that “these hidden networks do not only host illegal sites,” said Mike Tigas, the developer of ProPublica. “ProPublica is a good example of a site that uses these protected services without being useful to criminals,” he said.

All Things Vice – Is a blog that was founded in 2012 by Australian writer and journalist Eileen Ormsby and focuses on dark web news. After she explores the Silk Road in 2013, the dark web market forced her to blog about various events on the dark web and publish two books: Silk Road (2014) and The Darkest Web (2018). Ormsby is a former Australian lawyer living in Melbourne. Ormsby has written, interviewed and quoted on the dark web, 419 scams, bitcoin and darknet market issues. She has received exclusive interviews from people involved in the dark web. In the trial of drug dealer Paul Leslie Howard, she discovered that he had discovered the Silk Road market after reading a report on her website. She also writes regularly for the Casefile True Crime podcast, including some on the dark web.

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