Best Deep Web Private Search Engines

What is the deep web?

This post will list 9 of the best deep web private search engines, along with how they operate and what type of content they allow users to search for. They are also listed in no particular order of preference.

1) Tor network –

Tor is probably the best-known anonymizing network. It’s free, easy to use, and allows you to browse the deep web without worrying about your online privacy.

When using Tor, your IP address is scrambled every ten minutes (or so) along with all of your internet activity.

best deep web search engines
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2) I2P –

I2P is similar to Tor in that it’s used to browse the deep web, however, like Tor it also has a wider range of objectives such as providing content delivery and hosting, and much more.

I2P does not require any fees to use but does contain links to torrents.

deep web search engines

3) Freenet –

Freenet was the first decentralized anonymous network and is still going strong today, although it’s a little more difficult to set up than Tor/I2P and requires a paid license to download.

It’s worth noting that Freenet accesses content in a similar fashion as I2P.

4) Wolf Spider –

Wolf Spider isn’t the most popular of these private search engines, and for good reason. It’s not very well maintained and is blocked by many of the major search engines out there.

It also requires you to install a special JavaScript file and plug-in in order to view content on it.

5) The Pirate Bay –

This is also not the most popular of these private search engines, however, it is extremely easy to use as all you have to do is type in a URL and press enter.

It allows you to search for torrents, and bypasses many of the popular blocking mechanisms employed by large companies like The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

top deep web search engines

6) BitMessage –

BitMessage is a private messaging platform that allows users to send encrypted messages to one another. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

It’s free to use, although you are encouraged to donate using Bitcoin. Group chats are also possible on the network.

7) TorBirdy –

TorBirdy is another add-on for the popular Tor browser that helps users bypass censorship by altering their ISP assigned IP addresses so that they are not blocked.

8) DuckDuckGo –

DuckDuckGo is an up-and-coming search engine that offers similar functionality to Google but doesn’t log or track your search queries. It also promises to not store or share personal information with third parties.


9) YaCy –

A very powerful P2P search engine that works similar to a traditional crawler, however, it enables users to share all of their knowledge freely online (open content).

The technology used in YaCy is based on the P2P network known as Gnutella and runs without any central servers.



10) The Internet Bug Bounty –

A website that allows anyone to help report security vulnerabilities in websites and software projects for the purposes of improving the web. There are a number of “bounties” offered on the site. Current examples include Discord, Facebook, Snapchat and Uber.

internet bug bounty

11) Unlocator –

Unlocator is a service that allows you to unblock geo-locked websites from within your own country. The service is provided by the “Pirate Bay Proxy” listed above.

12) Proxy –

Proxy is an IP address proxy access control list (ACL) tool that allows you to block ports, hosts, and protocols from behind a web proxy server.

It offers many options along with various features such as port randomization, traffic shaping, MAC filtering, and many more other useful tools for those looking to bypass blocking mechanisms or change their browsing habits.

13) WebProxy –

This is another proxy service for the purpose of unblocking websites and browsing websites anonymously and privately.

There are many other such services out there, however, WebProxy is one of the most fully-featured ones available with a wide range of tools available to users.

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