The Bright Side of the Dark Web

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The Internet can be compared to a large city. Most of it is occupied by “quarters for respectable citizens”, where a high level of culture reigns, and vigilant guards-moderators strictly monitor order, and “working areas”, from which they will not be expelled in disgrace for using strong expressions, for disapproved at a higher level acting or distributing obscene material.

But, as in any city, there is also a place well hidden from prying eyes with its own laws and rules that have nothing to do with generally accepted, but for the most part, directly violate them.

This is where the darkest things are usually done, it is no coincidence that it received the name Dark web. Although the Dark web is very famous for its black market and other illegal activities, there are bright sides to it.

The Dark web does not act as a haven of democracy and anti-corruption. There, whistle-blowers can report corporate and government misconduct to the press, without fear of retaliation, declassify corrupt practices that are hidden from the public. This network has complete freedom of speech and information.

The Dark web is also a place where people from oppressive countries or repressive religions can find like-minded people and even get help.

And of course, the Dark web is a haven for journalists and people with a very non-standard lifestyle to communicate online and not be afraid of reprisals. It provides network users with no censorship and partial anonymity.

The protection of its servers is provided by cryptographic means. Nevertheless, absolute anonymity cannot be guaranteed. To do this, you must follow the rules of conduct on the darknet.

In today’s article, we will analyze in more detail the bright sides of the dark web and find out what you can do there as a regular user.

bright side of the dark web

1. Pro Publica

In some countries, internet access is severely curtailed, making it seriously difficult to access some news sites. ProPublica became the first popular digital publication to launch a version of its site that will operate using the Tor system, which makes it possible to anonymously browse sites, blog, chat on the network, etc.

The ProPublica publication explains its decision to go into the “underground” to provide newsreaders with complete anonymity and protection of their privacy. Even the fact that the user has entered the site will be hidden from ISPs.

2. The Chess

Who has not dreamed of playing chess in their free evening? On the darknet, you can find yourself a chess partner and play a couple of games with him.

The game is completely anonymous and in real-time. After registering, you can immediately search for a game with a stranger or share your strategy on an anonymous forum.

3. Activists and informants.

Human rights activists use the dark web to anonymously send information about various kinds of violations that take place in various territories, including those that are traditionally considered dangerous to visit.

Internationally, workers’ rights activists use the dark web to bring people together in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As you can imagine, being within the law does not always guarantee safety, and the darknet allows people to express their opinions and at the same time remain anonymous.

4. Anonymous Email

There are several reasons why you might want to email through the dark web TOR browser. First, it is much more difficult to track traffic on the TOR network. Secondly, the dark web allows you to hide your real IP address and locations from your email provider.

A completely anonymized mailbox is useful, and of course, such services exist. But you need to understand, the demand here is very specific: not only hackers, spies, political dissidents, and informers want to send letters and leave no traces, but also spammers, extortionists, bots, and other automation lovers of all stripes.

Because of this, you should be careful when using this service.

5. Cryptocurrency mixers

Cryptocurrency transfers are not 100% anonymous. Mixers are used to mix your funds with other people’s funds to hide the source of the transfer.

When the currency is “mixed”, your money is sent to an anonymous service, and in response money of the same amount is sent from another person.

In short, the purpose of a mixer is to make it difficult for companies and government agencies to track transactions.

6. Private search engines

Google collects and accumulates data using various tools (Google Analytics, Google Fonts) and tracks user activity on the Internet through IP addresses and cookies (cross-domain tracking).

However, there are search engines that allow you to search the Internet anonymously and without linking search queries to a Google account or other personal data.

Many search engines allow you to find the content you want on the dark web. As is the case with Google, these search engines index .onion URLs and thus add to their databases.

7. Social media

What do they mean when they talk about anonymity? Anonymous communication is considered a cornerstone of internet culture and promotes exchange and freedom of expression. Is anonymity really possible on the Internet? Signing up anonymously on social networks like Facebook can be extremely difficult. It is for this reason that many alternative social networks have been created on the TOR network, where everyone can register anonymously and freely express their point of view. The most important thing in anonymous communication is your safety.

When communicating on the dark web, do not forget about the rules of personal information:

  • DO NOT use real information.
  • Do NOT upload real images.
  • DO NOT show your phone number.
  • DO NOT share your email address.

8. Tor Kittenz

I would like to end my list with something nice and kind. On the dark web, you can find a rather funny site that invites the user to enjoy pictures and photos of other users’ cats. The resource is made in the retro style of the 90s.


The dark web is not as terrible and scary as it might seem at first glance, but this does not mean that you can be calm and not take any precautions while you wander the endless expanses of the darknet.

The dark web provides network users with no censorship and partial anonymity.

The protection of its servers is provided by cryptographic means. Nevertheless, absolute anonymity cannot be guaranteed. To do this, you must follow the rules of conduct on the darknet.

The myths that only terrorists, drug dealers, and maniacs live in the “dark” part of the Internet have filled the Internet.

Although it is easier for criminals and maniacs to remain anonymous on the dark web and deep web, this does not make this part of the web an abode of evil. This opinion can be attributed to stereotypes.

Before diving into the dark web, think carefully about whether you really need it, whether the benefits of this action outweigh the possible risks, whether you have enough knowledge and prudence to behave correctly in its dark depths and not become a victim of lurking in their monsters. If you want to learn what you haven’t been told then click here.

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