5 Reasons Why You Should Beware of the Tor Name

5 Reasons Why You Should Beware of the Tor Name

What’s the deal with Tor?

Tor is software that allows users to browse the web anonymously. The software allows access to otherwise inaccessible sites, such as social media, political blogs, or news sites that have been blocked in certain geographies. It also provides a high level of privacy for those who use it.

There are many uses for this tool, but here are 5 reasons why we should be wary of Tor:

1) The anonymity provider can’t always be trusted to keep your information safe: It was recently revealed and confirmed by Edward Snowden himself that the NSA has been spying on users using Tor for years. Snowden also confessed that the agency can actually identify those using Tor from the NSA’s vast database of information on users and their activities. Whether it is your information or your network, most anonymity providers can’t be trusted to keep your data completely anonymous and private.

2) The privacy provided by Tor isn’t as good as you might think: Keep in mind that Tor only encrypts information when it enters the Tor network; once that data leaves the network, it isn’t encrypted anymore. If a hacker or a government were to intercept the data outside of the Tor network, there would be nothing stopping them from accessing it. Additionally, there have been instances where people using Tor have been tracked based on their web browser fingerprint. The Tor browser makes it easy for you to be tracked.

3) Tor can be slow: The majority of the sites you visit over Tor won’t use SSL encryption, which means that your connection could be unencrypted and are not secure. This means that there is a greater opportunity for hackers or governments to track you while you’re using Tor.

4) Many governments block access to the Tor network: It’s true that the U.S., China, and Iran have blocked access to Tor or attempted to restrict their citizens’ access at one point or another. Though it is possible to get around VPN blocking, this doesn’t mean that you should rely on Tor as your only way to access the web.

5) The kinds of sites available through Tor aren’t always what they seem: You might see the Onion title in a browser and assume that site is going to be safe and useful, but it could be a clever fake looking to scam you out of personal information. In other words, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In Conclusion:

Tor can offer some powerful tools for people living under dictatorships who desire anonymity or people who want an uncensored internet experience. However, it doesn’t offer the kind of security and privacy that you need to be comfortable with. For these reasons, we recommend against using Tor if you’re looking to keep your online activity completely secure from anyone else.

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