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10 Reasons To Use A Tor Browser VPN

Tor was initially developed by the United States Navy and today it’s one of the most popular online anonymity tools with over 3 million users monthly. Tor Browser is a browser that was built for maximum protection when browsing online. In this article, we’ll go through 10 reasons why you should be using a Tor Browser VPN in 2021 to protect your daily routines.

1) Avoid being tracked when browsing online

Public WiFi hotspots are convenient but what they really do is open you up to various security risks such as hackers, cybercriminals and even governments that can track everything you do on their WiFi.

Using the Tor browser ensures that you’re connected to the deep web for anonymous browsing, meaning that no one can track your online activity.

2) Keep your connection logs private:

Your ISP might record all the sites you visit and would definitely know how much data went through its servers. In some cases, your ISP might even hand your data over to authorities or hackers.

Using a Tor Browser VPN ensures that you keep all your connection logs private from your ISP and the government.

3) Securely share data in hidden chat rooms on Facebook:

Facebook tracks everything that users do on Facebook through its “Like” button and on the site itself. If you want to save a few bucks a month, you can create a hidden chat room where you can securely share data with other people on their website with no one being able to track it back to either of you.

Privacy is not something you can get on Facebook, but with a Tor Browser VPN, you will be able to get an excellent measure of it.

4) Browse work sites with peace of mind:

If you’re working on a government or military site that does not allow visitors its own web browser, then using a Tor Browser VPN is the best place to connect to. If the connection logs are private, no one will know what websites you’re browsing through your workplace when connected with Tor.

5) Prevent social engineering attacks from cybercriminals:

Social engineering attacks are when someone pretends to be someone else in order to gain access to their data or computer systems. Being knowledgeable on the internet and its various websites is essential, but with a Tor Browser VPN, you can prevent someone from social engineering you and basically stealing your identity online.

6) Easily access content for education or work from around the world:

Instructional video tutorials and lectures are abundant on the internet today and they’re all over YouTube. YouTube is a great place to learn new things if you want to further your knowledge but it can also expose you to random cybercriminals that want to leech off of your data.

If you’re looking for educational videos online, then using a Tor Browser VPN provides you with all those services that YouTube typically does not provide.

7) Protect yourself against government surveillance and hackers:

You might have heard about the recent news that the FBI has been using malware to spy on US citizens for a very long time. The Tor Browser VPN makes it difficult for an external entity to track your online activities if you’re using a government or military website.

Spy agencies and governments can see everything that’s going on in the deep web, so if you want to do something illegal, then the Tor Browser is not for you.

8) Prevent your ISP from seeing your activity:

ISPs are mostly untrustworthy when it comes to security because they have access to everything you do at all times when you’re connected to their service. If you want to make sure that your ISP does not know what websites you’re browsing through its service, use the Tor Browser VPN.

9) Unblock censored and blocked content:

Many countries censor access to websites such as Facebook and Youtube on their internet servers because they feel like it’s a threat to their security and their citizens’ safety. If you want to unblock these sites and enjoy unrestricted access to them, then using a Tor Browser VPN is the way to go.

10) Enjoy complete online anonymity with a Tor browser VPN:

Many governments that censor content online have been known to track everything their citizens do through various means of surveillance. However, the Tor Browser acts as a virtual shield against this type of electronic surveillance that governments are known for. You can download the Tor Browser VPN here.

With this 10 reason to use a Tor browser VPN, you’re sure to receive maximum protection when browsing online. The Deep Web is full of information that’s subpar, but with the Tor Browser VPN, you’ll be able to connect to it and enjoy all the benefits associated with using it.

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