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About VyprVPN

VyprVPN based in Switzerland and owned by Golden Frog was developed in 2009. It has two versions designed for various purposes. One is designed for ‘fast and highly secure personal VPN service’, while the other is designed for ‘security in business connections’.

In that sense, Golden Frog is a global service provider which is committed to preserving an open and secure internet experience. Besides VyprVPN, they are also the owners of OUTFOX which is an optimized gaming network; designed to reduce lag and lower pings

Features of VyprVPN

Below are my reviewed features mentioned by the company;

Split Tunneling

DNS Leak Protection

No-Log VPN

Kill Switch

Public Wi-Fi Protection

24/7 Customer Support

10 Simultaneous Connections

Access to Restricted Content

Split Tunneling

After years of writing reviews on VPNs, I didn’t think I would be surprised anymore when it comes to this feature, but VyprVPN surprisingly accomplished this.

Their split tunneling is unique, in the sense that, it splits your internet traffic when you stream with your device. It is more like having multiple accounts for a website, but in this case, you don’t go through the process of personally creating them.

DNS Leak Protection

Well, what is a VPN without privacy/security? This is what this function is all about. It fortifies your data, making sure that none of it is leaked to any unknown party.

No-Log VPN

Thankfully, unlike most VPN companies who lie about their no-log policy, VyprVPN didn’t lie about theirs. Their main server is based in Switzerland, which means that they aren’t part of the Eyes Alliance.

So unless they purposely leaked or shared your data, you have no reason to doubt their no-log policy.

Kill Switch

This feature automatically blocks all internet access as soon as the software detects that your device is disconnected. The feature is useful in cases of device/software malfunction.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Forgot to switch on VyprVPN when connecting to Wi-Fi? No worries, cause the software automatically turns on as soon as it detects your device connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Making such forgetful instances are rare.

24/7 Customer Support

Surprisingly VyprVPN has an active customer support. And if you’ve used VPNs from various companies, you’ll find out that most of them don’t have a stable customer support service. Some don’t even have one at all.

10 Simultaneous Connections

Most VPN companies lie about this feature, where they mention having an unlimited number of connections, whereas they may only have 6. Although there are VPNs that can connect to an unlimited number of devices using one account, it’s rare.

And VyprVPN sadly is one of those liars. After reviewing the VPN, the number of devices that I discovered can be used at once is 5. Though unless you’re connecting the devices of the whole family or company, 5 should be enough for a person right?

Access to Restricted Content

One of the main reasons why we use a VPN besides security and privacy, isn’t it all about unrestricted access? And VyprVPN does this job perfectly. Whether it’s access to censored or blocked internet content, VyprVPN does a good job in this regard.


When it comes to pricing, VyprVPN made theirs simple. With a monthly plan of $10, and a yearly plan of $60 at $5 per month. And a 30-day free trial, after which you can cancel the subscription and get your money back. Their means of payment is in dollars.

Devices and Platforms

VyprVPN is supported on Windows, macOS, Android OS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Amazon OS, and QNAP. It also runs on any device running OpenELEC/Kodi on OpenELEC. Along with Routers that run on Tomato Firmware, DD-WRT Firmware, OpenEWRT, AsusWRT, and AsusWRT-Merlin.


I confirmed that VyprVPN has about 700 individual servers in over 70+ countries. I know, it isn’t much, but for the areas that do have a server, it’s quite fast.

Torrenting (Does it Work? Is it Safe?)

Yes, VyprVPN is secure enough, so using it for torrenting isn’t an issue.

Does VyprVPN Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, it does, though it’s only a 30-day free trial that is active after subscribing to a plan. You can cancel the subscription within 30 days of payment and get back your money.

Protocols Used in VyprVPN?

The protocols used in VyprVPN include WireGuard, IPSec, OpenVPN, and Chameleon.


The VPN unexpectedly doesn’t limit you when streaming on Netflix. And because of the split tunneling feature, almost all libraries are accessible. Amazing right?

VyprVPN with Tor

Yes, the software is compatible with Tor.

How Does VyprVPN Compare With Your Favorite VPNs?

Let’s compare NordVPN and ExpressVPN along with VyprVPN and see which is better.

Let’s startup with NordVPN.

We all know about this VPN or have at least heard a thing or two about it. This is one of the best VPNs in the VPN industry, because of its  privacy and trusted policies.

In terms of similarity, they both offer great privacy features. Though ExpressVPN is best used on computers, while VyprVPN is best for phones.

NordVPN gives the users more detailed profile settings and configuration, it also has more servers (5246) as compared to VyprVPN (700).

But in terms of streaming (i.e Netflix), VyprVPN grants its users access to more country libraries than NordVPN.

NordVPN has more bandwidth than VyprVPN (meaning that NordVPN is faster).

And lastly, NordVPN has a more expensive and complicated subscription plan as compared to VyprVPN. Click here to view NordVPN subscription plans cause it’s way too long to type (or I just happen to be lazy).

In conclusion, they’re both similar in terms of security and privacy. But if you want a VPN that can be used on the go (i.e phones, or tablets), then go for VyprVPN. If you want one for productivity and speed, choose NordVPN.

ExpressVPN on the other hand.

Is a great VPN which is based in the British Virgin Islands, which also isn’t part of the eyes alliance. Making the security and no-log policy of the VPN at the same level as NordVPN and VyprVPN.

Although their security levels are on par with each other, there will always be some differences.

ExpressVPN has about 3000+ servers in 94 countries, although it isn’t as much as NordVPN (5246), it’s better than VyprVPN (700).

The speed test which I initiated both in the UK and the US, showed that their bandwidth is quite similar to each other. The highest being 301.63 Mbps and the lowest being 196.38 Mbps.

ExpressVPN is more user-friendly, in the sense that it offers its users more features that make their experience using the software better.

The pricing is less complicated than NordVPN but more expensive than VyprVPN. With a monthly subscription of $12.95; 6 months at $59.94 charged at 9.99 per month, and yearly at $80.04 at $6.67 per month. Although you get extra free 3 months on the yearly subscription.

In conclusion, besides the pricing and the number of servers owned by the companies, they’re almost similar in other areas.

Pros & Cons

You know what they say, everything has both pros and cons aspect in them, so why not a VPN?

Pro Aspect

VyprVPN offers great security, and has yet to have a bad reputation to its name. And its no-log policy give its users peace of mind when using the software. In general, it’s a stable normal VPN with no distinctive feature about it.

Con Aspect

There is no specific bad aspect about the VPN that will disqualify it from being recommended to the pubic. Besides the fact that they lied about their 10 simultaneous connection (which ended up being 6), it makes you wonder what else they lied about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ø Is VyprVPN Safe?

Yes, it is. The safety is comparable with ExpressVPN.

Ø Can VyprVPN Unblock Netflix?

Yes, it can. It also gives you access to more countries’ libraries than NordVPN.

Ø Is VyprVPN Good For Torrenting?

Yes, it is.

Ø Is VyprVPN Good For Gaming?

Yes, the bandwidth (internet speed) is fast enough to support 4k gaming.


It’s a great VPN for the most part. Great security and privacy policies. My only issue with the VPN is in regard to the number of servers, only 700? Really?

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