10 Things You Can Do In The Deep Web

10 Things You Can Do In The Deep Web

Most people think it’s all about drugs, hacking, and bad stuff. But there’s also some surprising things you can find. Here are ten of the most popular things to do on the Deep Web.

1 Top Level Encryption For Email:

SecureShell is a free service that encrypts your emails so well that no one but you and the intended recipient can decrypt them – not even at NSA headquarters or MIT.

2 Access To Geographical Restricted Websites:

Some websites are only available in certain countries due to censorship laws or licensing agreements. Tor allows you to bypass these restrictions and access any website anonymously, circumventing blocked sites without a proxy or VPN.

3 Access To Torrents:

4 Censorship By Elites:

Big corporations, governments, and business elites can censor any website they want; for example, Facebook and Twitter have both blocked a variety of Deep Web sites hosted on their servers.

5 Hacking People & Data:

Hackers and security researchers like to utilize the Deep Web for these purposes. More information will be shared at Def Con 26 in Las Vegas later this month (August 18-19).

6 Black Market:

Governments and police can’t censor the Deep Web, but they can arrest people for using it. In January 2013, a man was arrested in France for having child pornography using the Deep Web. In 2013 the FBI shut down Silk Road, an online marketplace offering “a variety of goods and services for sale” that used Tor to hide the identities of its users.

7 Accessibility:

The more time you spend in the Deep Web, the higher your risks are for physical harm or injury.

8 Anonymity:

Using Tor with a burner (cloak) phone means that no one can find your physical location associated with your IP address (like you typed in).

9 Open Source:

Many Deep Web sites have used open-source software to bypass government censorship and surveillance (like OpenVPN for example).

10 Internet Freedom:

The Internet is a global resource that allows information to be passed around a decentralized way. By using Tor, you are helping to make your voice heard.

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