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The internet is a wonderful place chock-full of information, funny cat videos, and entertaining games. It’s also home to the darkest corners of the internet. These are links to the most secretive places on earth – places not for human eyes.

onion links 2021

As you explore these pages I’m sure you will see that some people live in darkness because it suits them well enough or because they can’t escape it. Be warned that some links lead to graphic content and disturbing material. If you would like to submit your own dark web link email me at admin@deepdotnet.com with the subject line: “dark web link”.

The dark web links page of Darknet Links goes from Oct 2010 through Oct 2021. If you think I missed something please email me and let me know: admin@deepdotnet.com

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

Search Engines

The dark web has search engines like google or bing, where you can tons of hidden services. The chances are that it’s one of the leading platforms for all underground businesses like pirated games, drugs, torrents. But there are many other vital websites, like bitcoins (the crypto-currency), black markets (drugs, weapons), and so on.

  1. Grams Search Engine


👆 Grams Search Engine Dark Web Link

grams search engne
Screenshot from Grams official site

Grams (previously known as Black Grams) is a tor-based hidden service designed to allow users to buy and sell drugs anonymously using bitcoin. Grams is a search engine for dark websites like markets, forums, chans, and more. It has an easy-to-use layout which makes searching easy. Grams can get items’ prices in Bitcoin (BTC). If you’re looking for something dark, you can find it with grams.

  1. Ahmia Search Engine


👆 Ahmia Dark Web Link

Screenshot from ahmia website

Ahmia is a darknet search engine, a Tor hidden service that lets people search through various hidden services websites, including some of the administrators of these sites.

  1. DuckDuckGo Search Engine


👆 DuckDuckGo Dark Web Link

Screenshot from DuckDuckGo website

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn’t track users’ online activity. According to its website, it was launched in 2008 and has indexed more than half a billion URLs. The site was established as an initiative by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation to promote browser privacy and compliance with online search engine guidelines.

  1. Torch Search Engine


👆 Torch Search Engine Dark Web Link

Screenshot from torch website

TORCH is a dark web search engine that indexes onion domains that cannot be found on the clearnet. The site offers search results for onion sites, including bitcoin sites, Tor-based FTP archives, Tor webmail, and Tor Wikis. TORCH only indexes approximately 10% of the total number of onion sites. It also displays onion addresses so visitors can easily copy-paste them into their browser’s address bar to visit the site.

  1. Haystak Search Engine


👆 Haystak Search Engine Dark Web Link

Screenshot from haystak website

Haystak is a search engine that indexes onion domains that cannot be found on the clearnet. It’s an underground wiki with lots of bridges to other dark websites for sharing files and information. They claim to have indexed 1.5 billion pages over 260,000 onions (including historical onions)

  1. Recon Search Engine


👆 Recon Search Engine Dark Web Link

recon search engine
Screenshot from recon website

Recon is a search engine that compares products from every market with the most potent Dark Net Market search engine. You can find lots of stuff from vendors to markets to ratings and reviews.

  1. Kilos


👆 Kilos Dark Web Link

KILOS search engine
Screenshot from kilos website

Kilos is the first Tor-based open marketplace where users can buy and sell drugs, not just cannabis. Just like Silk Road, the site uses bitcoin as a currency. You can search for any drugs or illegal substances.

Kilos – The Dark Net Marketplace allows you to buy and sell any drugs, not just cannabis. Just like Silk Road, this site uses bitcoin as the currency. The homepage features news updates relating to Tor’s hidden services, which warns about potential scams.

  1. Vidalia Search Engine


👆 Vidalia Dark Web Link

vidalia search engine
Screenshot from vidalia.io

Vidalia is a darknet search engine hosted on the clear net that lets curious people search and find new & exciting Tor hidden services. Our service tries its best to filter out the immoral and highly illegal onion sites, so you hopefully won’t see that content in the results.

✓ Marketplaces

There are several marketplaces where you can buy drugs, weapons, fake I.D…etc. Forum’s links are suitable for this category. You can even buy tanks, artillery weapons, or any military equipment if you have the money! But you will need the help of a middleman like me to get you into these sites.

  1. Cannazon Dark Web Market


👆 Cannazon Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Cannazon’s official website.

Cannazon market is a marketplace to buy and sell cannabis plants and other plants. Users claim that their products are fresh! You can also buy and sell cannabis seeds. You can see a complete list of the market’s categories in the picture above.

  1. Monopoly Dark Web Market


👆 Monoploly Market Dark Web Link

monopoly dark web market
Screenshot from Monopoly’s official website

Monopoly Market is a Tor-only online black market operating since October 2013, possibly earlier. The market offers various products, including cannabis, psychedelics, and stimulants (in particular: cocaine and MDMA)

Products are typically sold for Bitcoin and Monero only as Monopoly Market does not support other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin or bitcoin cash.

  1. White House Dark Web Market


👆 WHM Dark Web Link

Screenshot from White House Market’s Official website

White House Market is a darknet marketplace operating on the Tor network, founded in October 2019. The marketplace hosts over 326,000 product listings mainly consisting of illegal drugs, to lesser degrees also including weapons and stolen personal information. White House Market has since then been shut down by the owners, who wish to retire from the business for an unknown amount of time. The market is still online, but registration is disabled. They left a message saying they might be back in the future with the same project or another one, so watch out.

  1. Versus Dark Web Market


👆 Versus Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Versus Market’s Official website

Versus Market is a dark web market that sells drugs, digital items, software and malware, and other services. There is one payment method accepted on the site: bitcoins. There are two options for buying bitcoins: you can pay for them directly on the site or use an exchange service. It has a unique and straightforward user interface. However, it’s not responsive on mobile devices—the market hosts over 13997 product listings in October 2021. Versus is an excellent alternative to other top markets.

  1. ASAP Dark Web Market


👆 ASAP Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from ASAP Market’s Official website

ASAP is a dark web market that sells drugs, counterfeits, digital items, and other services. As of September 2021, it has 16,000 products listed. Its main competitors are on this list. ASAP accepts payment methods: Bitcoin and Monero.

  1. World Dark Web Market


👆 World Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from World Market’s Official website

The World Market is a dark web market that sells drugs, fraud items, digital items, counterfeits, and other services. It also sells services like money laundering. The site works on all devices. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has a forum and an active community of buyers and sellers. The site accepts payments in bitcoin, Monero.

  1. Vice City Dark Web Market


👆 Vice City Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Vice City Market’s Official website

Vice City Market is a dark web market that sells drugs, counterfeits, digital items, and other services. The site also has a sub dread but no chat rooms. V.P. City accepts payment methods: bitcoin. As of September 2021, it has over 10,600 products listed.

  1. Canna Home Dark Web Market


👆 Cannohome Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Canna Home Market’s Official website

CannaHome Market is a dark web market that sells cannabis and shrooms. The site is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has good communities for buyers and sellers to interact with each other. Accepted payment methods: Bitcoin, Lite coin.

  1. ToRReZ Dark Web Market


👆Torrez Market Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Torrez Market’s Official website

Torrez Market was created in February 2020. This is one of the best markets on the dark web. The market has over 49,000 product listings. The user interface is very friendly, and the admin calls themselves “free internet” enthusiasts.

  1. Tor Dark Web Market


👆 Tor Market Dark Web Link

tor dark web market link
Screenshot from Tor Market’s Official website

Tor market is not a new player in the dark web. It is one of the oldest markets. Tor Market allows users to buy products anonymously through bitcoin payment. It has over 47426 product listings by October 2021

  1. Hydra Dark Web Market


👆 Hydra Market Dark Web Link

Hydra Market is a Russian-based market founded in 2015. The site has over 7500 products and over 9600 active sellers. It accepts bitcoin as its primary payment method. The market is available in three languages: English, French and Russian, and it has a very friendly user interface that’s simple and easy to navigate through.

✓ Indexes

Here are some indexes of sites on the Dark Web.

  1. Dark.fail


👆 Dark.Fail Dark Web Link

Dark.fail is where to get original, non-phishing, and current working links of dark websites. Dark.fail does not provide links for malware, exploits, scanners, or virus writers. You can find out if a darknet site is online or not through this service.

Screenshot from dark. fail’s Official website
  1. Feedspot


Screenshot from Feedspot’s Official website

Feedspot is a repository of the top websites about any particular niche, listed alphabetically. You can also get links to Dark Web or SSL sites from the site.

  1. DeepDotNet


This is our very own site, and we provide tips, guides, tutorials on accessing and surfing the dark web. You can also get a curated list of working dark web links on our platform. DeepDotNet contains metrics for Analysis of Darknet sites.

✓ Forums and Social

The following are some well-known forums on the dark web that provide helpful information regarding any particular topic under discussion (Note: these links may be dead by now).

  1. Dread


👆 Dread Dark Web Link

Screenshot from the Dread’s Official Website

Dread is a forum similar to BlackHat, used by hackers, programmers, and security professionals. This forum is one of the top-rated sites on the dark web, with the most popular posts being tagged.

  1. The Hub


👆 The Hub Dark Web Link

A screenshot is taken from the Hub’s Official Website

The Hub is another forum for those who wish to share their experiences with markets, scams, services, hacking computers, and software. You can share anything. However, each category has its own rules and regulations. NOTE: you cannot sign up on the Hub with any regular email. You must use a Tor-based email.

  1. CryptBB


👆 CryptBB Dark Web Link

Screenshot from CryptBB official website

CryptBB is a darknet forum that has been operating since early 2017. It was created by a user called Long Pig. It has a focus on hacking, programming Fraud, and it hosts a market.

  1. Majestic Garden


👆 The Majestic Garden Dark Web Link

It is the elegant, effective, powerful, and free forum software solution that this site is running. It allows users to communicate in discussion topics on a given subject in a clever and organized manner. Furthermore, it has many powerful features which end users can take advantage of.

  1. NZ Darknet Market Forums


👆 NZ Darknet Dark Web Link

Screenshot from N.Z. Darknet Market Forums

Darknet Market education and discussion.

  1. Raddle


👆 Raddle Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Raddle official website

The forum is used to discuss topics that are socialist. It was founded by the users of the old leftist forum on Reddit. It was created in November 2016 when Reddit banned many of its leftist and anti-capitalist users. Thus they decided to create a new platform to freely discuss their political views and plans for radical social change. The website allows posting and moderation like other forums. Still, unlike other platforms that usually ban any discussion about politics and social change, Raddle encourages such talks and provides a safe environment for the revolutionaries to exchange ideas about their strategies for radical social change.

  1. Cebulka


👆 Cebulka Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Cebulka’s official website.

Cebulka is a forum used by Polish users to discuss all topics. Although the website is in the Polish language, most of the discussions are not limited to Poland. The website was created in 2010, and it has been providing interest-based discussions since then.

  1. Deutschland


👆 Deutschland Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Deutschland official website

Deutschland is one of the top-rated darknet forums in the German language. Various German-speaking users use the site to discuss all topics such as drugs, security, and other philosophical and political issues. The website was launched in 2014, and it has been providing service since then.

  1. Suprbay


👆 Suprbay Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Suprbay’s official website

Suprbay is a darknet website dedicated to providing a discussion place for users interested in torrenting. The website contains many sub-forums such as Music, Movies, tv shows, application and software, games, art, design, photography.

  1. Rutor


👆 Rutor Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Rutor’s official website

Rutor is a torrent website that provides information on many different language movies, T.V. shows, music, etc. It is the largest torrent site in Russia. The main site doesn’t provide any files, but instead, it offers links to other sites where users can download the files. The website was created in 2009, and it has been operating since then with no disruptions.

  1. Nanochan


👆 Nanochan Dark Web Link

Screenshot is from Nanochan’s official website

Nanochan is a site that can be accessed through the TOR browser. The website is divided into several boards. Boards such as Random, The Lounge, Technology, Board Meta., Politically, Incorrect, Anime & Manga, Video Games, Original Content, Archive

  1. KickAss Private


👆 KickAss Dark Web Link

Screenshot from KickAss’s official website

KickAss is a private Professional Security Forum specialized in Hacking, Cracking, Carding, Coding, Server Hacking, Anonymity, Malware, Password Cracking, Smartphone Hacking, and Reverse Engineering, and more

  1. Ramblee


👆 Ramblee Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Ramble’s official website

Ramblee is a forum dedicated to discussing politics, technology, technology news, books, movies. The users of the site Reddit created it before it was shut down.

The forum features a “darknet, category” where members can post news related to the dark web. Several subforums cater to the different interests of their users. Some boards are humor based while others are focused on political discussions. The forum also has several ways for members to reach one another, including email and web forums.

  1. Endchan


👆 Endchan Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Endchan’s official website

In 2015 Endchan was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a wrong move. This is an anonymous imageboard that promotes ideas over identity. Here anyone can run their boards.

  1. 8chan.moe


👆 8chan Dark Web Link

Screenshot from 8chan’s official website

8chan. moe’s goal is to recreate the feeling of freedom and cameraderie that once blessed imageboard users in the year 2014. Many users have lost their Internet homes to the current cultural shifts in the electronic landscape, and we want to give the best of them a place where they can speak, think, and post freely to their heart’s content. Longtime community members created this site for the benefit of other members and no other purpose.

  1. XSS.is


👆 XSS Dark Web Link

Screenshot from XSS’s official website

XSS is a Hacker forum where you can share your tech skills and learn new tech skills. There are topics about Exploits, Hacking, Exploits, Hacking services, etc. The website does not allow registration. Anyone can post messages on the website only after the messages have been approved by a moderator. The XSS Forum also has two sections: Marketplace for buying or selling hacks or other tech services and General area for technical questions.

  1. Facebook


👆 Facebook Dark Web Link

The dark web version of Facebook works pretty much like the real Facebook. It allows you to register and create your profile, upload photos and videos. You can share stuff with others as well as respond to their status updates and even play games. The website also provides an extensive collection of valuable links that allow you to browse different website sections. Registration is free, and there is no need for an email address, just a username, and a password

✓ Email and Jabber

Email addresses and public Jabber I.D.s for users of Tor.

  1. Protonmail


Screenshot from Protonmail’s official website

Protonmail is a free and open-source email service that can be accessed from any web browser or smartphone. It provides users with an encryption system that makes it hard for hackers to break into your email. The website uses an onion address to keep users’ emails private and secure.

  1. Elude Mail


Screenshot from Elude mail’s official website

Elude Mail is an anonymous email service that allows you to send and receive emails without any restrictions. Registration is free, but you will be required to provide an email address.

  1. Mail2Tor


Screenshot from Mail2Tor official website

Mail2Tor is a free anonymous email service to protect your privacy. It allows anyone to send and receive email anonymously via webmail or with an email client. You will need to have the Tor browser installed on your computer to access Mail2Tor.

  1. CS.Email


Screenshot from C.S. Email’s official website

C.S.Email is a free anonymous email service that allows users to create disposable temporary email Addresses. C.S.Email is available in many different languages, and volunteers run it from all over the world. This site also provides you with information about sending international messages.

  1. Jabber.hot-chilli.net


Screenshot from Jabber.hot-chilli.net’s official website

Jabber.hot-chilli.net is a German-made dark web service that provides a free Jabber/XMPP service for everybody. The only requirement for registration is creating a JID (Jabber). Users can register multiple accounts, but they have to verify their JID (Jabber) for each registration.

  1. Calyx Institute


Screenshot fromCalyx Institute’s official website

The Calyx Institute is a technology non-profit with the mission of developing, testing, and distributing free privacy software and working to bridge the digital divide. The Calyx Institute is member-supported. Currently, they offer a free VPN service at www.calyx.net

  1. Riseup


Screenshot from Riseup’s official website

Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. They are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our secure means of communication.

  1. Daniel Wizen Email or XMPP


Screenshot from Dan Wizen Email & XMPP official website

You get a free anonymous Email address and an XMPP/Jabber account using the exact details. You will have 50 M.B. of disk space available for your mails. The website is fully anonymous and doesn’t collect any personal information.

✓ News

  1. CIA’s Official Onion Site


Screenshot from CIA’s official website

“CIA’s Official Onion Site” is a project that provides news and information related to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

  1. USA’s NCIDE Task Force


USA’s NCIDE Task Force investigates violations of U.S. law involving cryptocurrencies and dark web marketplaces in the greater Northern California area and beyond.

  1. BBC


Screenshot from BBC’s official website

“BBC” is an independent news provider that delivers news related to politics, economics, business, entertainment, etcetera.

  1. Darknet Hub


Screenshot from Darknet Hub’s official website

DarknetHub envisaged to created awareness about both legal and illegal content shared on the Darknet. You can get news and information related to the good and bad parts of the dark web. DarknetHub is also an anti-phishing resource and referencing directory for hidden sites.

  1. National Police Of The Netherlands


“National Police Of The Netherlands” project provides information and news related to the Dutch police and justice system.

  1. Darknet Live


Screenshot from Darknet Live’s official website

“Darknet Live” is a project that provides news and information related to the Darknet markets, including products, vendors, arrests, and services available in those markets.

  1. Darknet Inside


Screenshot from Darknet Inside’s official onion website

“Darknet Inside Link” is a project that provides news and information about the Deep Web, Tor, darknets, allowing users to search for information on the Deep Web.

  1. The New York Times


Screenshot from New York Times’s official onion website

The IMCLand hacker group started a project to provide encrypted services for news reporters in New York City.

  1. ProPublica


Screenshot from ProPublica’s official onion website

“ProPublica” is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

There are many other news services available on the Tor network.

Information and Libraries

There are good sources of information on the dark web. However, you have to know where to look.

Here are some excellent sources of info about the Dark Web:

  1. Darknet Bible


Screenshot from Darknet Bible’s official onion website

The buyer’s DNM bible aims to be a complete guide that covers all steps that users have to take to buy securely from darknet markets.

  1. Psychonaut Wiki


Screenshot from Psychonaut Wiki’s official onion website

PsychonautWiki is a community-driven online encyclopedia that aims to document the emerging field of psychonauts in a comprehensive, scientifically grounded manner

  1. XMR Guide


Screenshot from XMR Guide’s official onion website

This site will guide you through the process of setting up a Monero wallet on Tails and Whonix.

  1. Hack Town


Screenshot from Hack Town’s official onion website

Hack Town is a place where you can learn specific skills in hacking and fraud, giving you the knowledge and tools needed to become a professional cybercriminal in 2021

  1. Erowid


Screenshot from Erowid’s official onion website

A site that has a lot of info about recreational drugs.

  1. PrivacyTools


Screenshot from Darknet Bible’s official onion website

PrivacyTools provides services, tools, and knowledge to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

  1. Just Another Library


👆 Just Another Library Dark Web Link

Screenshot from Just Another Library’s official onion website

This site is just a library but contains excellent info.

✓ Image Uploaders

  1. Linx.do


Screenshot from Linx. do’s official onion website
  1. Winx


Screenshot from Winx’s official website
  1. Onionland


Screenshot from Onionland’s official website

✓ Entertainment

  1. Pornhub


Screenshot from Pornhub’s official website

The famous porn video site, but on the dark web.

  1. Kilos Darknet Story


Screenshot from Kilos Darknet Story’s official website

A website that contains tons of Poems and Music Albums

  1. Captain Blackbeard Radio


Screenshot from Captain Blackbeard Radio’s official website

A pirate radio service run by one of the most public figures on the dark web.

✓ Other Services

There are many other dark web services, such as operating systems, cash sellers, hosting services, and other utilities.

Here are some other fabulous websites you can visit on the Dark Web :

  1. The Tor Project


Screenshot from Tor Browser’s official website

The Tor Browser is the primary browser used on the dark web. It allows you to browse websites anonymously.

  1. Mullvad


Screenshot from Mullvad’s official website

Mullvad is a VPN that lets you browse the internet anonymously.

  1. Cash God


Screenshot from Cashgod’s official website

Cash God is one of the best ways to get money on the Darknet, there are many other sites that offer this service, but this is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use platforms.

  1. OnionShare


OnionShare is an open-source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites and chat with friends using the Tor network.

  1. Feather Wallet


Feather is a free, open-source Monero wallet for Linux, Tails, macOS, and Windows.

  1. Archive.is


Screenshot from Archive’s official website

Archive Today is a time capsule for web pages! It takes a ‘snapshot’ of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears. It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page.

  1. Whonix


whonix dark web link

Whonix is one of the most popular operating systems on the dark web. It can be used to browse anonymously and protect your operating system from exploitation.

  1. Njalla


Screenshot from Njalla’s official website
  1. Qubes OS


Qubes OS dark web link

Qubes OS is the most advanced operating system on the dark web. It features compartmentalized virtual machines that allow you to browse anonymously and keep safe.

  1. Impreza Host


impreza dark web link

Impreza Host is a service that allows you to run your web server on the dark web. You can use it to create anonymously on the dark web.

  1. KlOS Host


Kilos host dark web link

KLOS Host is an anonymous hosting site that allows you to create your website via a shared server accessible with SSH/SFTP and VPS servers with root access.

  1. Ablative Hosting


ablative dark web link

Ablative hosting is a fantastic site that allows you to launch your encrypted anonymous host on the dark web.

  1. Keybase


keybase dark web link

Keybase is an excellent place to send messages or files securely and anonymously.

  1. Cryptostorm


cryptostorm dark web link

Cryptostorm is an excellent Tor exit node and VPN service. You can use this to browse the dark web/Tor site anonymously and protect your privacy.

  1. Cryptostamps


Screenshot from Cryptostamps’s official website

Cryptostamps is an anonymous way to buy postage with popular cryptocurrencies.

  1. ZeroBin


Zerobin dark web link

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