How to Use the Dark Web Safely

How to Use the Dark Web Safely

This article will discuss how to use the Dark Web (the internet used by people who want to remain anonymous) safely. It will include tips such as never using credit cards and avoiding certain websites.

Through these tips, you will be able to safely find everything from guns/drugs/jewelry to black-market porn. You can also shop for things that regular stores may not have, like counterfeit products or stolen data. See more things you can safely find on the dark web here.

The internet is, for the most part, a double-edged sword. You can use it to find everything you need, or you can use it to find everything you hate. It all depends on how you use it. When using the Dark Web, you have to keep in mind that there are dangers involved, but not if you take precautions.

Before getting started on the internet (or the Dark Web), be sure that your computer is protected by a good antivirus software and firewall. I recommend AVG Anti-virus and Comodo Firewall (you will need to pay for both). If you do not have these programs installed, I would recommend that you install them.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your computer has the latest updates on it. Once your computer has the latest updates, try to work with TOR, a popular browser for the Dark Web since its inception. You will have to download and patch TOR onto your device(s).

We have curated a list of ways you can safely browse the dark web below.

1. Keep your browser up-to-date

To prevent taking a risk when you do not need to, always make sure your browser is up-to-date. The latest version of your browser will have the most recent updates and patches in place. By keeping my browser up-to-date, I can limit any possible vulnerabilities that would cause me to be detected. However, you have to be careful here. Not all browsers are equal when it comes to this. Some browsers are more secure than others, and some might have backdoors (like Internet Explorer). I would recommend using either Firefox or Chrome. Make sure that your device is clean and clear of any history/cookies/etc After you have finished updating your browser, be sure to clear your history/cookies/cache/etc… It is also a very good idea to secure your devices to maximum security. To do this in Tor, go to settings and set the security to safer or safest.

2. Use a VPN when connecting to the Dark Web from public Wi-Fi

I would recommend using antivirus software and firewall. Also, I recommend that you use a VPN when logging onto the Dark Web. This will keep you anonymous and protected at all times, while also offering other perks like faster speeds and better overall security. To connect to a VPN, you will have to download the VPN program onto your device(s). Then, you will have to install it before connecting. After connecting, make sure that you turn off the VPN for security reasons. To my knowledge, the fastest VPN app is called Hidester. The fastest VPN I have used was Hidester, but now they have raised their rates so much that I cannot afford it. However, I would recommend anyone looking for a fast VPN to look into NordVPN. It works in most other countries and is very fast with a lot of countries and servers to choose from.

3. Remain vigilant with security warnings on the dark web

There are many security warnings that you must take into account when using the Dark Web. Once you have downloaded and patched Tor onto your device, be mindful of the security warning on the homepage. Take a moment to read about this and how you should proceed when this pops up. It is also important to be careful with what links you click on. If at any point in time you see anything red or yellow, do not click on it! If an email comes to your inbox from someone that does not seem trustworthy, delete it without opening it. If there is anything strange about an email, never open attachments – I can’t say this enough: NEVER OPEN ATTACHMENTS! You might think they are harmless pictures, but this can easily lead you on a path to a bad idea.

For example, if you are purchasing something from the Dark Web, and it comes in an email with an attachment: DO NOT CLICK ON THE ATTACHMENT! One of two things will happen: 1) the attachment will be a virus, or 2) it will have been stolen information that he sold to someone else.

Either way, these attachments can easily get you in trouble if opened – for reasons that I have mentioned above. When exchanging information with others on the Dark Web, never click on anything until you are certain of what it is and that it is safe. This is especially important when sending out private messages through TOR.

Immediately you notice that there is an online link that unsafe for you, block it or delete it from your history if you have already clicked on it. If you treat every link as if it could be a risk to your privacy and security, then you will be okay. If you are unsure about a link, then don’t click on it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Update antivirus software regularly

I would recommend to update your antivirus software and firewall when you are using the Dark Web. It is also a good idea to keep your browser updated as well. If you do not have either of these programs installed, I would recommend downloading and installing them before surfing.

It is important to make sure that your computer has the latest updates on it, because that will help limit any vulnerabilities in the software (however, be careful with what browsers you use). The latest version of your browser will have most recent updates and patches in place.

You should also stay vigilant when browsing on TOR: make sure that there are no red warnings or suspicious attachments. If something seems off or looks potentially dangerous, then don’t click on it! If you notice that a page is unsafe, then report it to the TOR administrators.

5. Be careful of what’s on your device!

If you are using the Dark Web to purchase illegal items like drugs or stolen information, then be careful of what you have stored on your laptop or device. You should also be cautious when purchasing from private vendors with stored goods, because they can steal your information and sell it or use it against you later on. Always remember: if you are going to do something risky online, then make sure that it is worth it! It is better if you practice safe browsing habits for your personal safety and for reasons of security and anonymity.

6. Take care of your devices!

It is also a good idea to take care of your devices, at least for a while. Make sure to clean them out often and don’t leave them in the same location too long. If you are going to be using your laptops during this time (as an administrator for example), make sure that they are not connected to public networks and are only connected to the Dark Web when needed (ie. at work or school).

7. Be careful about potential Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and their features!

Not all VPN services are created equally, so it is important to know what you have signed up for before you use it. Many VPN services have great features that will protect you from potential dangers on the Dark Web, such as using TOR as your browser and a private proxy server. The best VPN service to use when you’re on the Dark Web is a paid one, as these are most likely to have security features that will protect your identity and privacy, rather than companies looking to make money.

8. Make sure that your computer’s software is up-to-date!

You should make it a habit to update your computer with all of its software regularly. This will help you avoid getting potential malware or other dangerous items onto your computer. Sometimes, hackers try to trick people into downloading their software by posting it on the Dark Web as an ad advertisement, because they know that users are more likely to download them without thinking about it.Be wary of these types of VPN services–most of them are scams and will only endanger your privacy and security. Use at your own risk!

9. Never use credit cards on the Dark Web

Use cash instead, or if you must use a credit card, always use a secured credit card that will protect you from potential identity theft. Some banks like Citibank offer this service and are good alternatives to using a credit card on the Dark Web. Credit card numbers are used to uniquely identify cardholders on the transaction end, but there is nothing unique about them in the Dark Web environment. When you enter a credit card number in an e-commerce transaction or when logging into a website, it gets sent through hundreds or thousands of computers at once while traveling across open networks such as Wi-Fi, public hotspots, and wireless access points [vNLAN]. Any of these computers may capture the card number or pin number and transmit it to counterfeiters anywhere in the world. The only safe way to pay for Dark Web items with credit cards is to purchase bitcoins through a bitcoin exchange.

10. Be careful with Bitcoins!

Lastly, be careful with Bitcoins–it is not only a virtual currency with an anonymous reputation, but it can also be a very dangerous one if used incorrectly! The good news is that Bitcoin transactions can be traced back to the person who originally purchased the Bitcoin from the seller.

So, Bitcoin is actually a very useful tool when used properly. You can purchase Bitcoin anonymously and anonymously transfer it to your online wallet, no one will ever know who you are. As for selling Bitcoins, all you need to do is register on any trading platform in the market and be prepared to take a big loss if the market crashes.

In conclusion, it’s always important to research or surf the dark web safely. You can never be too safe so stay vigilant or better still avoid it totally.

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